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My Case against Calorie Counting

I LOVE the nourishment and energy I get from food, but I do not like calories! The daunting math equation that comes with each bite makes eating a hassle. I learned in dietetic school that weight loss was a simple math formula, “Calories in vs. calories out.” Wait, so if I plug in someone’s height and weight into this magic formula… I could tell them exactly how many calories they needed on any given day? That makes zero sense! How does a math equation account for the TYPES of calories someone needs, exercise, stress, hormones, and muscle mass? It doesn’t. Here is my case against calories:


Not all calories are created equal. A calorie…is not a calorie. Living under the mantra that all calories are the same couldn’t be further from the truth. Is drinking a diet soda equal to drinking water? According to the calories, yes, but they are two totally different liquids. The artificial sugars in soda lead to weight gain, sleep deprivation, and actually make you crave MORE sugar! Whereas water, does quite the opposite. If you are still not convinced that not all calories are not e