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My personalized dashboard

My goals

Try to get ONE vegetable with every meal and 2 with dinner

Try one new vegetable per week to expand my options 

Use raw vegetables as snacks - dip in hummus. 

Add a side salad to lunch 3 days per week

Meet Bill for a run every saturday morning. Build up to 2 miles. 

Yoga class every tuesday at 6:00PM - schedule it now and every week

Chin ups x 10. Start with sets of 2 and work to ba able to do 10 in a row

Bike every sunday with the group - 25 miles. 

Get a new water filter for the house and stainless steel water bottles

Drink a 28 oz bottle on the drive to work

Take 2 bottles with me to drink at work thru the day. 

Drink on the way home in preperation for workout when i get home. 

Replace diet soda with water to help control sugar cravings. 

Pick 3 old habits that i know are holding me back from living my ideal life

Spend 10 minutes per day sitting still and just observing the world around me, just BE

Read Mattheiu Ricards book, "Happiness" for 20 minutes per day and then meditate. 

Meditate for 10 minutes each morning to set my day on the right path.


Thought for the day

Water is clean and pure and simple. It is the very element we need to function and without it we gunk-up inside. We need to flush our toxins OUT while avoding further consumption of them thru chemical encrusted fluids. Love your water for all the good that is does for you. Water drowns the fire of appetite.

My motivational quotes

Pain is temporary but disappointment lasts forever.

My vital statistics