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Happiness - Get some

Are you happy every single day of your life? Why not? Are YOU the source of your own misery? Be nice to YOU. Come join me and celebrate every day of your life with vibrant appreciation for each day.... [Continue Reading]

Meditation - Secrets to Success

Before you tell yourself that your brain is "too busy" to meditate or you dismiss it as wasted time, take a rational look and decide if you might be missing out on something that would actually help y... [Continue Reading]

Melting Fat at Christmas

Enjoying the Holidays doesn't have to include every cookie you see but it also doesn't mean you can't enjoy favorite treats. A day in the life of a ketogenic fan. Eat, drink and be merry. [Continue Reading]

Who's in charge of your brain?

Are you really in control of your life? Your thoughts? Are you enjoying the degree of happiness in your life that you feel you deserve? If not then come share a meaningful conversation with us this... [Continue Reading]

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