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Me Time - The Final Chapter

Dr. Gary Huber

The third and final thoughts in my discussion of Me Time. What is your personal Mission Statement? Don't have one? Then how do you know if your life is on course?

If you read chapter one and two of this “Me Time” thought line then hopefully this will put a cherry on that chocolate sundae. I met this morning with a fun group to discuss the use of meditation as a tool for stress relief. In fact, we were diving much deeper into how meditation can be used to rewrite your future experience. Creating your future through your thoughts and feelings rather than playing victim to whatever your repeated past patters will predictably produce for you. We reviewed some of the work presented by Dr. Joe Dispenza who is fond of saying that our stress hormones cause us to look at our present environment with fear and trepidation turning us toward survival mode and becoming selfish. It’s all about being self-centered, self-important, self-involved as we look to protect the “ME”.

The facade I present to the world is not really me. The real me, the guy who walks around in his underwear, unshaven and who likes to stare at nature for no particular reason and simply be still is not the image I portray. I present to the world that I never sleep, always working, always moving and happiest when I am tending to everyone else’s problems. There is some truth in that but until I am brutally honest and naked before the world (figuratively, not literally – you do that in reality and YouTube will post it in a heartbeat) I will never truly be ME. I have always been to concerned with image and if I stay that way then I will never experience the deepest level of ME TIME. Truth is, I was 100% honest in my last post, that time spent in service is part of “Me Time”. But truth be told . . . I totally enjoy solitude. At heart, I am a died in the wool introvert. So why post on Facebook or anywhere? Not really sure. Social convention says I’m supposed to. Not sure I buy all that social convention but I do love people so I guess that's my reason.

I guess the subtle difference is that I don't need solitude because the day was “stressful”, I just love solitude so that I can regroup, spend time with my thoughts and allow the day’s events to wash away so I can explore my purpose. If that's what you are doing then I say “Me Time” is a great thing. But if you need Me Time in order to escape and hide then my wish for you is that you find purpose in the little moments of your life. Find your purpose and write a true Mission Statement for your life. If you have no Mission Statement then congrats, you are in the majority but you are also in the group most prone to stress and illness. How do you know if any action in your day is right for you if you have no idea where you are going? What’s you purpose? WRITE IT DOWN. Give it depth and color and passion. Make it real, not just a vague image in your overly committed brain. Make it a clear and definitive picture and then walk into it. Not in 10 years, walk into it right NOW. That's all there is – The NOW.

If you have no idea how to write a personal Mission Statement then contact my office and ask to take our Mind-Body Mission Course and I will personally walk you down that delightful boulevard. I wake every day with a sense of gratitude followed by a reminder of why I draw breath each day. What is my purpose? I revisit it and revise it and then live it. Living your purpose will transform every moment you are alive into Me Time. If this sounds inviting then lest get together and make that happen.

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