The Virtuoso Wellness Program incorporates all of our services into one comprehensive customized program to reverse disease and restore your health.

Virtuoso Wellness Program

Education + Lifestyle + Medical

An educational curriculum coupled with individualized medical assessment, delivers a personalized, comprehensive treatment program to restore your health

Community and Corporate Health

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Current therapy directed at restoring proper hormonal balance has made tremendous strides from the old days of prescribing drugs like “Premarin & Provera,” which were responsible for excess risk of cancer and heart disease. Today’s modern bio-identical...

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Weight Loss

Medically guided personalized weight loss. We call it a weight loss program but it represents so much more. It’s way beyond weight loss, it’s personal. Quick, easy, efficient and life changing. That's a lot to promise but we stand behind that promise with proven results...

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"My doctor said that my thyroid test was normal". I commonly hear this report only to discover the patient has never had a complete thyroid panel, nor had antibodies tested. The TSH, a simple screening test is not adequate for fully assessing proper thyroid function...

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The process of detoxification is something our bodies do every day of our lives. Are we helping or hurting ourselves with our daily choices? Are we giving our bodies the nutrients it needs to optimize ...

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Do you experience fatigue? Are you stressed? Is your sleep cycle fantastic, allowing you to restore your body each night awakening refreshed and energetic? We have just entered the enormous realm of the HPA axis...

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Is your heart healthy or unhealthy? How do you know? What would you do if it weren’t healthy? Are statins a good option? Does cholesterol cause heart attacks? You have questions and you need real answers with simple solutions...

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Gut & Bowel

The bowel is not just some simple tube that food passes through. The gut represents some very important real estate in your body as it contains 70% of your immune system function, which impacts the brain directly...

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Allergies and Sublingual Immunotherapy

Allergies are a reflection of the status of your immune system. If you react to food or environmental allergens then this reflects a hyper-reactive or inflamed immune response. This hyper-reactive immune response...

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 Your genes are not a crystal ball that predict your future. At best your genes can highlight areas of risk that allow you to take defensive action. It is a modern miracle that we are able to access the 25,000 genes that guide...

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Dietetics & Lifestyle Coaching

The nuts and bolts that make up your "life" are all based on the beliefs you hold and the consistency of making good decisions. We have infinite control and yet we often fall short in our execution based on disabling beliefs and circumstances we create. We want to show you a step-wise gradual progression towards creating the lifestyle that holds the joy and passion for life that you seek. Open the doors of possibility and give yourself the gift of an abundant life.&am

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Your mental sharpness does NOT need to fade with time. A drop in cognition is a reflection of the inflammation in your body from many sources. Are putting the right brain fuel to power cognition and secondly ...

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Sports Acceleration

Competitive athletics can be exhilarating as you explore your boundaries. But are you truly reaching your maximum potential? Your coach or trainer can push you but are you recovering well, are you using the proper fuel and...

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