Success Stories

At Huber Personalized Medicine we pride ourselves in our ability to change and shape people’s lives. Our process guarantees that the HPM staff will champion you through every step of your journey - no matter how long or how difficult. This not only benefits you, the patient, it benefits all of us here at HPM. We get the chance to feel the excitement and joy that comes with every patient’s incredible success...and we wouldn’t have it any other way.

Matt, 43 year old male
Metabolic Syndrome, weight loss, high blood pressure and cholesterol

Matt had a heart attack at age 36!!! The average life expectancy after a heart attack is less than 6 years!! Matt got involved with the Virtuoso Corporate Health Program at work and turned everything around. Come read his story.

"Since starting the Dr. Huber's Weight Loss Program, I have learned that this is not another diet, it’s a life change. You’re not doing this to lose weight. You’re doing this to feel and be healthy. The nice side effect is weight loss"

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Christine - Thyroid Issue Uncovered
Thyroid, Fatigue & Hair Loss

Christine tells how she got her life back after discovering thyroid problems.

"I was fatigued and cold and my hair dresser noticed significant hair loss". "Within a month i felt like a totally different person!"


Patty tells her weight loss story. Her new life!
Metabolic Syndrome

Patty engaged our Virtuoso weight loss program through her employer who asked us to get involved with their corporate health. Patty knew she wanted to change but had tried many program without finding lasting success. The sweet lovable personality th...

A.J., 45, male Hormones, Hypertension, Cholesterol, Chronic fatigue, and Kidney Disease

Despite looking great on the outside, A.J. was falling apart internally. He struggled with hypertension, sleep apnea, high cholesterol, pre-diabetes, and low testosterone. We discovered multiple hidden issues that once addressed, returned A.J. to his...

When I first visited Dr. Huber in 2010 I was suffering from chronic fatigue, and I would wake in the morning after 6 to 9 hours of sleep feeling desperately tired. It was so bad in the morning that my body felt like a heavy lead weight. I was in no way unfit, I am 46 years old and weigh 175 pounds a

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Annette, 36, female PCOS, Depression, Obesity, GERD, Pre-Diabetic

Annette is a 36 year old female who felt like a prisoner in her disease of poly cystic ovarian syndrome, with obesity, daily heartburn and depression. She lost over 100 pounds, reversed ALL of her problems, got rid of her antidepressant and 2 other m...

Polycystic Ovarian Syndrome (PCOS)held me prisoner in my own body for most of my adult life. Obesity, acne, unwanted hair and depression- these are the symptoms I thought I would never overcome. I felt certain diabetes, high cholesterol and heart disease were an inevitable part of my future.

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Angela lost 53 pounds in just 6 months.
Weight loss and general health.

Angela travels as part of her job and has learned how to do this while successfully losing weight. Her education through the Virtuoso weight loss program has allowed her mange this and resulted in dramatic drop in blood pressure. Now takes less medic...

Bill, 58 year old, male
Metabolic Syndrome, weight loss, and life change.

Bill came to us stating that he did not expect to be alive in 2 years as his health was going downhill rapidly. Despite numerous medications his cholesterol, blood pressure and blood sugar were out of control. In just 10 weeks he lost 49 pounds, came...

Lynn, 68, female
Metabolic Syndrome, High cholesterol, High blood pressure, Hypothyroid, Chronic Fatigue, Constipation, Heartburn, Menopause.

Lynn arrived with a host of chronic issues. She had spent her life accomplishing amazing results, high energy, creative and a game changer. Now she found herself struggling on a daily basis just to get out of bed and push past the pain. With the comm...

I am an Executive who ran her own business for 13 years before merging with another organization. Currently I am running a division of that company...

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Andy, 70, male
Heart Disease, Acid Reflux, Low Testosterone, & Chronic IBS (Diarrhea).

Andy was referred to us by his cardiologist for weight loss to reduce cardiac risk. We also uncovered that he had low testosterone and food allergies, which we treated to improve his heart function. We resolved his diarrhea and IBS within 2 weeks, an...

My initial weight of 198lbs. was a major health concern said my heart doctor, Dr. Dean Kereiakes of Christ Hospital. He suggested seeing Dr. Gary Huber. and I began about 5 months ago...

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Daniel, 57, male
Lap-Band Surgery that Failed Him, Obesity and Joint Pain

Daniel spent thousands of dollars on an elective surgical procedure, and initially the Lap-Band helped him lose weight but without proper lifestyle even that device failed him and he regained the weight. The Huber Personalized Weight Loss Program hel...

I turned 30 years old and it aggravated me to acknowledge I couldn’t eat whenever and whatever I wanted anymore. I hated that if I ate when and what I wanted I piled on mega unwanted pounds...

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Ken, 45, male
Morbidly Obese, High Blood Pressure, High Blood Sugar and Insulin (Pre-Diabetic)

Ken weighed 501 pounds at 45 years old, and with 4 kids he was concerned he wouldn’t be alive to see them grow up. He lost more than 200 pounds in 9 months and is still losing. His depression lifted, his blood pressure and sugar normalized, his...

I tried not to ever think of myself as being an overweight person. Always prided myself over the years for being able to do the same things that normal people do while I was so overweight. I was in denial for years and years...

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Linda B., 75, female
High Blood Pressure, Esophageal Reflux, Obesity, High Cholesterol, Fatigue, Arthritis and multiple medications.

Linda stated quite simply “I don’t want to die fat”. She was on multiple medications for high cholesterol, high blood pressure and acid reflux that were creating unwanted side effects. She felt miserable at 206 pounds which created poor sleep, achy j...

A number of months ago after my 75th birthday, I decided I did not want to be a little, fat, unhealthy, old grandmother and that Dr. Huber was my last chance to accomplish that dream...

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Cole Tilden, 18, male
Athlete (rower) optimizing his performance.

Cole is an amazing young athlete with tremendous potential. Cole was already the best rower in the city when he came to see me. But like many top athletes he wasn't content with good he wanted greatness. He wanted to get that last 5 to 10% of his pot...

With the help of Dr. Huber’s personalized approach to athletic performance and overall wellness I have been able to soar to new heights as an athlete that I never previously anticipated...

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Melinda, 44, female
Migraines for 30 years now GONE, and bio-identical hormones to address perimenopause.

Melinda had suffered from horrible migraines for more than 30 years before coming to us. They were a significant problem that greatly reduced the quality and flow of her life. She was able to change her diet and stabilize her hormones resulting in co...

I am a woman in my 40’s who has had migraine headaches since elementary school. A typical migraine for me would start with spots in my vision that would last for about 20 minutes...

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Bill – 62, male
Lost 49 pounds in less than 4 months

I have been in the program for 3 weeks. I have lost 19 pounds and 2 inches. After the first 19 days of the program I was able to wear a suit to church that I had not worn for 2 years...

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John & Colleen, 48, male & female
Obesity, Insulin Resistance, High Blood Pressure, Depression and Joint Pain

This middle aged couple each lost 30 pounds and changed their lives. They were already a great couple but they were able to work together to make changes that brought them closer through this health journey.

The personalized care makes all the difference. Staff works with individual needs—cravings, hunger, food preferences and food allergies. My husband and I are doing the program together with great success...

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Nancy, 60, female

Nancy has lost 40 pounds and is still dropping. She reduced her need for medication to lower her blood pressure.

After 12 weeks on the program, my CRP inflammation number was cut in half. My blood pressure medication has been reduced to half of the dose it was, and I’m confident that I will be able to discontinue this medication in the near future...

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Jane, 45, female
Obesity, Migraines

I began with Dr. Huber and his team in September 2013. After looking at summer vacation photos and wondering how did I get to be that big, something had to give. I began with a great deal of apprehension...

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Andrew, 4, male
Impulse Control with ADD Behavior.

Andrew’s teacher requested that Mom take Andrew to the doctor for medication as he was overly disruptive in class. After just two weeks of dietary changes that same teacher thanked Mom for helping and asked her what medication was being used to cause...

My 4 year old son’s pre-K teacher sent me a recent email stating he had impulse control issues, troubling focusing, and had trouble staying on task. She suggested that he be evaluated by his pediatrician. I did not want to take him to his pediatrician for fear they would want to "medicate" him...

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Maggie, 48, female
Obesity, Insulin Resistance, High Blood Pressure, Depression and Joint Pain

Maggie lost 75 pounds and overhauled her life. She was able to take control of many issues in her life secondary to taking control of her lifestyle. The discipline and self-respect she regained translated to success in other areas of her life. She wa...

I came in with high blood pressure, depression, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, irrational behavior, emotional and this took a huge toll on my relationships. Now my blood pressure averages 110/64...

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Meagan, 58 year old female. Being Healthy is the least expensive form of health care.
Weight loss and general health.

Meagan led a high powered corporate life with all the typical pitfalls. Her health was not a priority and consequently her joy and general happiness suffered. She made a decision to reclaim her life and the smiles and contentment returned. Her vitali...

Dr. Huber defined healthy for me! After years of trying different diets and none of them working, Dr. Huber’s personalized approach discovered what works for my unique metabolism and needs. His advice has totally changed my life and my lifestyle!

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