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Knowledge is just disorganized facts. But the application of knowledge in a coordinated
and consistent fashion creates wisdom. That is powerful.
That's a Virtuoso.

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So what is the Virtuoso Wellness Program?

A Virtuoso is someone who possesses mastery of a given skill. The Virtuoso program is a 6-month curriculum of education coupled with a dedicated team of accomplished professionals that drive guaranteed results. The program covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It was built from the ground up to address all of the common mistakes that people run into as we attempt to survive in the modern age of being overcommitted stressed, exposed to toxins and unclear about how to put it all together. This primary educational track is appropriate for anyone wanting to increase their energy, improve sleep, reduce aches and pains, promote vibrant living and reduce degenerative disease now and down the road. If you are in need of weight loss then there is a special weight loss track that will aggressively reduce weight to arrive at your ideal weight and health. So let's look at what the program includes:This is a tremendous comprehensive program that we offer with pride as it guarantees you the follow thru needed to accomplish Any health goal you have in mind.

Chelsea Caito is your personal registered dietitian and Lifestyle Coach

Chelsea will be an integral part of your treatment. You will meet with Chelsea monthly for education and dietary guidance. She will take you on a live Grocery Store Tour for an in depth look and intensive education on what your daily grocery sections should be and an eye opening look at how food manufacturers are fooling you into buying junk. Chelsea will also provide a live "Cooking Demonstration" with real world practical tips that work. Chelsea has a long track recrd of success when it comes to motivating, guiding and delivering great results that change lives.

Cookbook & Recipes

Huber Personalized Medicine is proud to offer you our very own cookbook that we have constructed from our years of success in the field of health and weight loss. Everything from breakfast, to protein smoothies, snacks, vegetable, meat and whole meal options are provided. It will serve as a basic template for good eating. Each of these recommendations have been personally tested to ensure a delicious option that can easily be prepared with minimal skills in less than 20 minutes. Our cooking demonstration will help serve to bring this to life.

Educational Curriculum

Your education will be an easy step-by-step process that has been designed to provide a gradual build of information in small pieces. Your text will offer easy, fun to read articles that have proven over time to be user friendly. Weekly guidance will provide a better understanding of how your body works and how to best take care of it. These materials are unique and timeless and will serve as a valuable library for a lifetime of good health. You will also be given a daily journal that offers motivation and accountability. Using our specially designed Journal will shape your thinking and transform your expectation of yourself. It’s throwing out our old disabling beliefs and installing a new paradigm for success.

Monthly Educational Classes

Monthly educational classes serve as both support with other like minded people as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about a large variety of topics. These classes are casual open forums offering you ample time to ask questions that matter and get answers that make a difference. Topics include: Nutrition 101, How to interpret you labs, Understanding vitamin and neutraceutical therapies, Detoxification, Thyroid & Hormone discussion, and much more.

Live Events

You will attend a Vision Statement Workshop to reshape your thinking and provide valuable tools for reshaping your mindset. A Grocery Store Tour will take you on a journey that will forever change the way you look at food. We will unmask the tricks used by food manufacturers to convince you to buy “junk” and show you easy and efficient it is to navigate the store and leave with real food that is delicious and nourishing. And lastly you will attend one of our Cooking Demo’s to learn new skills in food preparation that are fast and easy.


Everything you need to be successful is available and can be added as needed to personalize your journey. We offer Genetic testing, in depth lab assessment of thyroid, hormones and more. Pharmaceutical grade supplements, botanicals and nutrients as indicated. Bio-Metric & Body Composition Assessment. Our goal is to ensure that you arrive at an empowered state of mind that will allow you to move forward in your health indefinitely. Staying healthy is the greatest form of health insurance.

Dinner Talk video

Take a peek at Dr. Huber’s "Dinner Talk", where he details some of the problems with modern day "Health Care" and opens the door to what is truly possible when we begin to think outside the box.

Success Story

Greg, 48 year old male
Obesity, high cholesterol, low testosterone, Metabolic Syndrome

Greg Ernst participated in our corporate wellness Virtuoso weight loss program. Greg has lost 100 pounds to date, and cut his medications in HALF, and can now ride the roller coaster rides at Kings Island.

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This is a tremendous comprehensive program that we offer with pride as it guarantees you the follow thru needed to accomplish Any health goal you have in mind.

For more information contact Penny Krebs or look at our Events Calendar and reserve your place at our next dinner talk. We look forward to seeing you find the success in your life that you seek. We are experts and we get results... always. You have my word. 
Dr. Gary Huber