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Are you tired of your own excuses? Then dare to be different, make a stand and redefine yourself. 
Time moves on, are you? Feeling stuck? Change is all there is so get moving!!
Make a decision about who you want to be and take action!!
Tick tock - life doesn't stand still. 

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So what is the Virtuoso Wellness Program?

A Virtuoso is someone who possesses mastery. We will give you every tool to become the master of your own body and mind. The Virtuoso program is a 6-month curriculum of education & experiences coupled with bad-ass leaders Chelsea Dorsett & Dr. Huber who will drive guaranteed results. The program covers all aspects of a healthy lifestyle. It was built from the ground up to address all of the common mistakes that people run into as we attempt to survive in the modern age of being over-committed and stressed, exposed to toxins and unclear about how to put it all together.  We know you want better but are confused with the overload from Dr. Google. We will deliver the best "PROVEN" path that is continually updated. 

This is a comprehensive approach to living in the modern age to ensure better energy, improved sleep, cleared head, reduced aches and pains and the single best shot at joyous living. Doubt me? Great then bring your skepticism and let me bury it in the backyard with the rest of your poor thinking. Saddle up, its time for change!!

Chelsea Dorsett is your personal registered dietitian and Lifestyle Coach

Chelsea is simply the BEST dietitian and lifestyle coach in the city, bar none. Her best quality is meeting you were you are right now and showing you the next simplest step. Don't climb the mountain in one day. Grow, develop, get stronger, get smarter and then look back and be amazed at how far you have come. It's actually easy and surprisingly fun when you work with cool people like Chelsea. You will meet with her weekly for the first 3 months and then every other week thereafter. You will begin to wonder how you ever did it without her (well, honestly, you didn't). She will lovingly hold you accountable and guide you with confidence. Trust in the process.  We got this. 

Cookbook & Recipes

Huber Personalized Medicine is proud to offer you our very own cookbook that we have constructed from our years of success in the field of health and weight loss. Everything from breakfast, to protein smoothies, snacks, vegetable, meat and whole meal options are provided. It will serve as a basic template for good eating. Each of these recommendations have been personally tested to ensure a delicious option that can easily be prepared with minimal skills in less than 20 minutes. Our cooking demonstration will help serve to bring this to life. Video? Yes, plenty of guidance and hand holding. 

Educational Curriculum

Your education will be an easy step-by-step process. We have tons of experience changing lives and get that it needs to be gradual. We offer easy to read articles that are light hearted and easy to understand. The Dr. Seuss of lifestyle change but the depth of thousands of medical journals. This is strongly science based and that's why it works. Using our specially designed Journal will shape your thinking and transform your expectation of yourself. It’s throwing out our old disabling beliefs and installing a new paradigm for success.

Monthly Educational Classes

Monthly educational classes serve as both support with other like minded people as well as an excellent opportunity to learn about a large variety of topics. These classes are casual open forums offering you ample time to ask questions that matter and get answers that make a difference. Topics include: Nutrition 101, How to interpret you labs, Understanding vitamin and neutraceutical therapies, Detoxification, Thyroid & Hormone discussion, and much more. We are becoming more digitally savvy and these opportunites for education will come to you through webinars, podcasts and other options that suit your needs. 

Live Events

You will attend a Vision Statement Workshop to reshape your thinking and provide valuable tools for reshaping your mindset. A Grocery Store Tour will take you on a journey that will forever change the way you look at food. We will unmask the tricks used by food manufacturers to convince you to buy “junk” and show you easy and efficient it is to navigate the store and leave with real food that is delicious and nourishing. And lastly our Cooking Demo’s can teach you simple skills in food preparation that are fast and easy.


Everything you need to be successful is available and can be added as needed to personalize your journey. We offer Genetic testing, in depth lab assessment of thyroid, hormones and more. Pharmaceutical grade supplements, botanicals and nutrients as indicated. Bio-Metric & Body Composition Assessment. Our goal is to ensure that you arrive at an empowered state of mind that will allow you to move forward in your health indefinitely. Staying healthy is the greatest form of health insurance. Life is short so be proactive and make every day a celebration. Yes it is in fact possible. Meet Dr. Huber and Chelsea and tell me otherwise. Our whole staff at Huber Personalized Medicine believes in "Living Out Loud". Come join us and change the quality of your life forever. 

Dinner Talk video

Take a peek at Dr. Huber’s "Dinner Talk", where he details some of the problems with modern day "Health Care" and opens the door to what is truly possible when we begin to think outside the box.

Success Story

Greg, 48 year old male
Obesity, high cholesterol, low testosterone, Metabolic Syndrome

Greg Ernst participated in our corporate wellness Virtuoso weight loss program. Greg has lost 100 pounds to date, and cut his medications in HALF, and can now ride the roller coaster rides at Kings Island.

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This is a tremendous comprehensive program that we offer with pride as it guarantees you the follow through 
needed to accomplish any health goal you have in mind.

For more information contact our office at Phone: (513) 924-5300 or E-Mail
We look forward to seeing you find the success in your life that you seek.
We are experts and we get results . . . always.  You have my word. 
Dr. Gary Huber