Patient Handbook

Our patient handbook was carefully crafted to give you the most thorough, up-to-date information regarding our practice, our procedures, and our recommendations. Please look through the information below to answer any number of questions you may have as a new or returning patient, or just as a casual observer. If you do not feel all of your questions were answered, please visit our FAQ section or contact us.

If your use of phone and e-mail communication is heavy or the medical issues are complex, requiring extensive chart review, then your practitioner does reserve the right to asses a fee, at their discretion. The fee will vary based on the complexity of our issue and length of call, but it is typically $75 per call.

If you have an URGENT SITUATION, please make that known at the beginning of your message. If it is a true medical EMERGENCY, call 911 for immediate assistance.

  • Phone Calls
    • Our phone number is (513)924-5300. This is the best source for contacting the office for appointments, refill requests, and general questions. Leaving a message is an option if your call is not answered. Our staff works to promptly return your voicemail messages. We want to be available to you and have a beneficial impact in all aspects of your health so please do not hesitate to reach out.

  • E-Mail
    • Our email is and is offered as a secondary default for all general needs or inquiries. When sending an email please use the “subject” box to identify basic needs. If your issue is an urgent medical need then please type “URGENT medical,” so it can be addressed quickly. For all other communications please be clear in your direction.

    • For supplement orders, please email Liz McAtee at

  • Power2Patient E-Mail Messages
    • Our new electronic medical record, Power2Patient, provides a secured email option, which is HIPAA compliant. All transmissions are encrypted to protect your personal medical information. This provides you the most time efficient means of communication to ask clinical questions, change appointments, make administrative inquiries, and more.

We always make every attempt to support your ongoing medical and health needs, however our office functions as a consultant rather than as a primary care office. We are not equipped to provide 24 hour service and are not available on weekends or holidays. We do not provide emergency services. If you are experiencing a medical emergency, please contact your primary care physician or call 911.

We make every effort to accommodate your schedule. This is personalized care and we are committed to serving your needs. If we are unable to keep a previously set appointment we will notify you well in advance and make alternative arrangements. Given our commitment to our patients we try to make the best use of each day.

Appointments that are missed without providing proper notice are met with a fee, because it has taken time and care away from another patient. If you are unable to make your appointment, we respectfully request 48 hours notice.

We are a self-pay facility and do not participate with any insurance plan. Our services may be covered by your insurance as “out of network” care. We highly encourage you to check with your insurance company for details. Payment is due at time of service. We can provide you with a classic “superbill,” which has appropriate billing codes for your insurance. However, you are responsible for submitting these forms for reimbursement. If your flexible spending account or health savings account requires you to present a letter of medical necessity for reimbursement, we can prepare such a statement for you, upon request.

Medication refills are typically addressed during your office appointments so make your practitioner aware of medication need at that time. If refills are needed in between appointments then please make requests thru the Power2Patient, patient portal and they will be completed within 72 hours (often sooner). You must be an active patient, seen in the past 12 months for an appointment, in order to receive on going refills.

  • Where to get your labs done
    • We strongly recommend that you complete lab requests through LabCorp and ZRT Lab as we have direct access to these results online. If you are asked to complete a Spectracell or Doctors Data Heavy Metal test, we will provide these test kits and take responsibility for collecting the results before your appointment. Any other lab service that you choose outside of the ones just mentioned will require the lab to send us your results and we have no control over this matter. It can be frustrating to arrive for an appointment only to find that they did not forward us your results. This can be a waste of your valuable time. So if you employ a lab other than Lab Corp, or ZRT Lab then you accept responsibility for getting your own results and bringing them with you to the appointment. DO NOT TRUST that the lab will forward us your results. Hospital based and peripheral lab services other than the ones noted above FREQUENTLY fail to complete their mission in forwarding us your lab results.

  • Timing of Labs
    • It will often take 3 weeks to get complete lab results so allow for this time window when scheduling your lab and office appointments, in order to best facilitate a great experience.

  • Lab Pricing
    • We have arranged discounted lab options through LabCorp for your benefit and convenience. Please visit our LABS section to learn more about the right option for you. We have taken great measures to keep your health care costs affordable in order to help pave the way to your ideal health.

  • Lab Review
    • We review all of your lab results in detail with you at the time of your appointment. We find that this provides you a better understanding of the status of your health and facilitates progress. A complete review of all lab results via e-mail is not practical nor is it good medical practice. If you need a complete review prior to your appointment you can set up a paid phone consult billed at standard office rates. A simple lab number means nothing by itself without interpreting it in light of the clinical picture.

We are happy to help you with any necessary paperwork such as work excuses, school notes or letters of medical necessity of any kind. We provide this as a service to you at no charge and are happy to help with simple requests to make your life easier. Some companies or public entities have developed very involved questionnaires and processes that are abusive to both patients and doctors. If the forms you request us to fill out require an excessive amount of time or chart review then you may be billed at the discretion of your practitioner.

If your insurance company requests a copy of medical records they will be forwarded a prepayment invoice before records are sent. Other requests to duplicate medical records will incur a fee determined by number of pages and will be commensurate with the complexity of the issue. You have access to your own medical records and labs thru the electronic medical record “Power2Patient” patient portal and may utilize this information any way you desire at no charge. You can forward your entire medical record right from the portal.

You may return any unopened supplements within 30 days of purchase, with the accompanying receipt, for a full refund. If you experience difficulty with any recommended or prescribed supplement then simply discuss this with your practitioner.

We require a credit card number on file for all checks written. Checks returned for insufficient funds will result in a $25 fee plus the amount of the original check charged to your credit card.

Your scheduled appointment is YOUR time and we want you to feel at ease. Dr. Gary Huber is an Adjunct Clinical Professor at the University of Cincinnati College of Pharmacy, and acts as a preceptor for 5th year pharmacy students, for an education rotation through this clinic. You may be asked if these students have your permission to sit in on your appointment and observe. These students are well-educated and often very helpful in answering drug related questions. However, if their presence makes you uncomfortable, you may request they not be present. This is not a problem, as they have many other duties they can attend to. It is important you feel comfortable and relaxed for your office visit.

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Contact Information

Medical Office – Hours of Operation
  • Monday-Thursday 8:30 AM to 5:00 PM
  • Friday 8:30 AM to 4:00 PM
8170 Corporate park Drive, Suite 150 Cincinnati, OH 45242
Supplement Pharmacy - Hours of Operation
  • Monday-Thursday 7:30 AM to 5:00 PM, except on Fridays when it closes at 4:00 PM.
  • Please arrive 15 minutes before close
PHONE: (513) 924-5300
FAX: (513) 315-3800
LabCorp - Hours of Operation
  • Monday, Tuesday, Thursday 8:00 AM to 4:30 PM
  • Wednesday closed
  • Friday 8:00 AM to 11:30 AM