"I came in with high blood pressure, depression, lack of exercise, poor eating habits, irrational behavior, emotional and this took a huge toll on my relationships. Now my blood pressure averages 110/64. No blood pressure meds, always active, running and walking 6 miles every day, light weights and jumping rope daily 1000(x). I’m not emotional, energy level has vastly improved and relationships on the mend.
I am just so grateful for Dr. Gary Huber and his staff. They have given me my life back. I feel like I have been let out of jail."
- Maggie

Mission Statement

Our mission is to serve as a compassionate ear that truly listens as you voice your needs.
We partner with you to provide a personalized approach that offers a mix of traditional
and alternative solutions that best meet YOUR needs.
We suspend judgment and believe that anything is possible.
We know that chronic disease states can be reversed when the underlying cause is sought.
The best solutions start with asking the right questions.


Our Beliefs


  • Always moving your health forward, always improving and regaining lost function. We don't believe nor will we tolerate the notion of gradual decline, loss and decay.
  • Every age is filled with vitality and energy and a zest for life if you seek it.
  • Kind, compassionate persistence will always net a great outcome.


  • All therapeutic modalities must be custom tailored to fit the individual patient and their lifestyle. This is "PERSONALIZED" medicine.
  • We work with you to help redefine your lifestyle to move it closer to an ideal model that supports your ideal health.
  • We are problem solvers by definition and remain infinitely flexible in our approach. We will work to design a unique solution, accommodate any needs, and find answers where others have failed.
  • Intellect & Emotion. These qualities are bound to everything we do. We motivate, we move and we break down hurdles.


  • We have a commitment to TRUTH and to RESULTS. We will not uphold unproven or ineffective ideas whether they be traditional or integrative ideas. The scientific evidence needs to be observed.
  • Anything that touches you inside or out must be of the best quality, including foods, water, botanicals, or medications. Quality and purity will move the body consistently.