"Coming here has truly saved my life. I found a great solution to my health issues and a new way of life for me to follow. Bottom line... I felt MUCH BETTER."

What can we personalize for you?


What is personalized medicine?

Personalized medicine is the pursuit of your ideal health.

As a practitioner of personalized (integrative) care I assess all the factors of your daily existence that impact the way you feel and design a personalized treatment plan to restore your body’s function based on the most current scientific medical literature. Your stress level, diet, exercise habits, sleep patterns, medications, family history, genetics, past experiences, toxic exposures and more all contribute to how your mind and body are functioning at this present time. I focus on early detection of disease, preventative and proactive treatment to enhance longevity and vitality.

"I reject the notion that the quality of our life, that our energy and our mental capacity must decay as time passes by."

We will discuss where you are presently and where it is you want to be physically and mentally and work to systematically knock down hurdles to make it possible. All you need to be successful is a willingness to change old self-limiting habits and we will guide you in a stepwise fashion to better health.

Traditional medicine has many virtues but unfortunately we are not taught in medical school how to make people truly “healthy”. We are taught disease-based medicine and shown how to use drugs to reduce symptoms. We rarely target the source of the problem and few drugs address the true cause of disease. Drugs have value and are powerful tools that I use when appropriate but there is much more we can do beyond this to improve your physiology, provide balance and restore good health.

Personalized medicine is the pursuit of optimal health, of a dynamic body with excellent vitality, boundless energy, restful sleep, sharp mind, disease resistance, greater quality of life with less pain, greater movement, low blood pressure and heart rates, and excellent lab numbers that reflect a body in harmony with its environment. This is our quest.

Personalized Medicine FAQs

Does seeing my regular doctor conflict with integrative care?

Absolutely not. In fact the two are complimentary and the more personalized integrative treatment you engage in the more likely that your regular doctor will not find much “disease” to treat. If you are seeing your doctor for treatment of things such as diabetes, hypertension, cholesterol issues, heart disease or other chronic inflammatory disease then integrative care with personalized attention will aid your doctor’s ability to gain a good result as your body becomes more capable of healing.

Should I tell my doctor about my treatment here at Huber Personalized Medicine?

I would hope that you do. I think any physician dealing with you should be aware of all the facets of your health. Now that being said, it is quite likely that your primary care doctor may not be familiar with natural therapies, as they are not taught in medical school. Integrative medicine is a specific fellowship program that physicians pursue after medical school and residency training. I am more than happy to speak with your doctor to facilitate a cooperative understanding of how we can all work together to improve your health.


What if my doctor tells me to stop using the supplements or nutritional therapies that you prescribe to me?

Simply ask your doctor to explain “why” he/she is making this recommendation. Your doctor may have a very good reason for his/her concern.

Then again it may just be that they are unfamiliar with this therapy and unsure how to handle your questions. If you feel that this is the issue then simply have your doctor contact our office and I would be perfectly happy to discuss your case and treatment with your doctor. This is ideally how medical treatment works best, when two good minds collaborate to benefit the patient.

"I sleep better, breathe better, think better! I'm simply happier."