Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Are you making yourself miserable for no particular reason? Stop. Take a breath and reset the day. It's Monday and it perfect, you're perfect, just as you are.

So here we are . . . another Monday. Are you excited and looking reward to the weeks adventure? Or are you a bit closer to “oh crap, here we go again”? It dawned on me this morning that if I were a 9 year old boy and was given a gift for Christmas or my birthday I would be smiling from ear to ear and excited by the surprise and wonder of what might be in that box. Contrast that with a spoiled brat who expected a toy for his birthday and in fact told his mother which toy and what color he wanted. The same present would arrive but without the joy and excitement. So comes a new day, a new Monday.

We are not guaranteed any number of days on this planet. Each day is a present and holds the potential for amazing things and wonderful experiences that should make us smile from ear to ear . . . if we let it. Life doesn't send you an email informing you that tomorrow you are going to have a heart attack at 3:15PM or be in a car accident and lose 3 months of your life in recovery. Yet we walk around EXPECTING that these things won't happen to us. We even EXPECT joy and good health even when we don't do the things that would increase the odds of those presents.

Don't miss the tiny miracles that happen each and every day. It is a present from God that we are even able to draw breath today. It is a gift that we get to walk around a city not torn apart by war. We are all privileged to be able to safely commute to work and spend time with coworkers in the field we have chosen because we live in a free culture where we get to choose your line of work. In return we receive comradery, a paycheck, benefits, and the ability to feed our families who love and support our dreams. To take all of that and boil it down to “ba hum bug its Monday” would be to disrespect the beauty of the day.

I know I have done exactly this in the past but recent events in my life have shaken me to realize what a fool I have been in the past. I awaken today (still a little bit of a fool) grateful and humbled by the gifts that lay all around me. If you are reading this know that I am profoundly grateful that you are in my life. You matter to me simply by virtue of us being connected in this worldly experience. We are sharing air and time. We all share dreams of goodness and happiness. I want nothing more than for you to have an awesome day each and every day and be thankful for every bite of nourishment, every hug, every breath of clean air knowing that tomorrow it could all change.  That's OK. Today is today and it's a gift I accept with a smile from ear to ear. Expecting little and accepting everything.