Excess weight = diabetes and heart disease. Don't wait for a diagnosis, make changes now and return to your ideal health. Feel good and live your life with energetic enthusiasm. Take control and celebrate your life. IT'S FUN !!!

It happens every year. You knew it was coming. And now it is here. Post holiday flab and the month isn’t even over yet. Still have New Years and Bowl games to get through. Feeling bloated, tired and sick? Start NOW, don’t wait. Start now making a plan to make 2017 your rock star year. Every diet program, gym and super pill wannabe is ramping up to convince you that they hold the secret and represent your best chance at true health. The truth is that only you and your fabulous brain can change anything in a permanent fashion.


Its all about your ability to take ownership and change the beliefs you currently hold. Here are few facts to ruminate over:

  • Most people gain more than 10 pounds over the holidays each year
  • What you eat is 5 times more powerful than how you exercise in the weight loss battle.
  • Its sugar, carbs and processed foods, not fat that makes and keeps you fat.
  • You will follow your beliefs the rest of your life and if you believe that French fries and snacks cakes are good then you WILL eat them.
  • You can change your beliefs and thus your actions if you choose to and take action to do so. We can show you how in simple progressive steps.

New Years resolutions are built on dreams and wishes and not typically grounded in a well-constructed plan to change the way you think. Will power will not outlast beliefs. When and only when you change your beliefs for the right reasons and include passion and expectancy will these changes materialize. The fun part is that when you make changes in your thoughts and beliefs with passion, repetition and expectancy then good things ALWAYS arrive. Always.


So HOW do I accomplish this. Aaahhhhhhh . . . now there is the magic question. I will tell you that it is not difficult. Did you say “NOT difficult?” Yes I did. Do you know what is difficult? Being told by your doctor that you now have diabetes due to a lifetime of poor eating. Spending $300 or more per month on medications to control your diet based hypertension, and elevated cholesterol. And it is certainly hard to accept that you can’t fit into your clothes anymore and have to shop for yet again, a bigger size.


Take control. Do it starting now. Get real with yourself and decide that 2017 is going to be a blast. Its going to be the year your get off medication, sleep better, ache less, move more and do more because your energy is back.

Here are the top things my patients report when they lose weight and regain their health:

  • I sleep so much better now and awaken refreshed.
  • I don’t snore anymore and I sleep straight thru the night.
  • My energy is thru the roof.
  • I don’t suffer from gas and bloating anymore as my eating habits are better.
  • My joints don't ache anymore and my asthma is better or gone.
  • I never realized that good healthy food could taste so great. I’m addicted.
  • I never thought it could be so simple.


If you have tried before and failed then welcome to the club. It's a big club. But you can succeed and yes it can be easy and yes it can be lasting . . . forever.

The time is now and the solution is a full mind and body program that goes to the heart of the issue, your thoughts and beliefs. You owe it to yourself to find out the best kept secret in Cincinnati. How does Dr. Huber and Chelsea Caito R.D., L.D.,consistently produce whole body transformations?   See our “Success Stories” page.


Call Chelsea and ask about the Virtuoso Program that will make you the master of your body and the driver of your ideal health.