Author: Dr. Gary Huber

The world is noisy and busy and chaotic. If we learn how to calm our mind and create peace and joy then our days are 1000% mire enjoyable. Learn how to take back control of your "Monkey Mind" through meditation. Meditation is a brain exercise, NOT a religion. Put your preconceived notions aside open

Meditation is not natural to our American culture of excess, overload, instant, plugged-in, over thinking, drama. Quite simply, meditation is the act of not thinking. The art of simply BEING. It is non-judgmental observation without participation. But this simple concept has been studied for decades using high tech science to quantify its impact on the brain.

Here are all the scientifically proven benefits that occur with a simple 15 minute per day meditation habit:

  • Better mental focus
  • Reduced anxiety and depression
  • Better sleep
  • Reduced risk for Alzheimers
  • Brain ages much more slowly or not at all
  • Blood pressure drops
  • Heart rate drops
  • Risk of heart attack drops
  • Feeling of contentment and joy increase
  • Reduced self-deprecating thoughts

Anyone interested? And don’t even start in with me about “I don't have the time or my brain is too busy to meditate.” The average American watches TV for 4-8 hours per day so simply turn off Netflix and decide that what is in your brain is far more interesting. Telling me that your brain is too busy to meditate is like the 400 pound guy saying he is too fat to exercise. If you brain is a speed trap then you NEED to learn meditation or get ready for the high blood pressure and impending Alzheimers that is heading your way. Meditation increases mental creativity and mental stamina so if you are seeking success in your life and in your business then your meditating competition is going to buzz right past you.

Go to “” and read or check out “” APP or better yet come to our office any Thursday night at 6:30PM and meet Uma for our group meditation. One last thought . . . people who meditate have better control over craving patterns and over eating issues. Hhhmmm . . . meditation or a cookie?