Author: Dr. Gary Huber

As a community we are mobilizing this holiday season to engage a movement of change. Lets define what we want from this Holiday season and not be slaves to BAD traditions like weight gain and decay. Let's instead choose now to go at this season with a new mindset that lands us at January 1st with a

Did you write your mission statement yesterday? See my video on Facebook from Friday and Saturday and join us as we take control of the Holiday madness and define for ourselves in clear terms how great this Holiday will be without the unnecessary sabotaging we typically experience.

So what’s new for today?  Pick your 3 targets to measure and create a place to record them. Paper, Word document, spreadsheet, whatever works for you but put it into action today. Yesterday I clearly documented my baseline. I took my Heart Rate Variability reading and my RMSSD was 53. (Never heard of Heart Rate Variability?  Then go see the 2 videos on and start measuring yours NOW.)  Not bad but I want this up around 70 by New Years. This will be accomplished through daily meditation and exercise and I will recheck this reading at least 4 times per week to track progress.

I measured blood pressure, heart rate, belly fat (using calipers) and will also track these numbers. Goal is to be able to get my heart rate below 60 at rest. How? Meditation and exercise doing high intensity intervals. Since my parathyroid surgery my exercise hasn't been very intense so today I start with sprints.  Yesterday I was in the gym doing step-ups and lunges to push my leg strength.

Does all of this sound laborious? To me it sounds awesome as I am in control and dictating what my body does. To me it is in defiance of aging. You and I both know what is to be expected if I eat chocolate every day and sit on the couch. There is a poster in my gym that says, “Hills hurt, but couch’s kill.”  The message is clear. Running or biking up a hill sucks. But only for a few minutes. The results last for days. Sitting on a couch in contrast will literally kill you as your conditioning fades.

So don't be an Olympic athlete but decide today what form and intensity of exercise you are going to engage over the next 50 days with a big smile. Get excited by the challenge. Emotion, intention and passion count big time. In 50 days we will enter the New Year either more fit and leaner or achy and bloated. DECIDE TODAY. Make a plan. Pick your targets and execute. Redefine who you are to yourself. You are accountable to YOU, not to me. I’m going to be fine. Are you feeling the nudge? Are you willing to take up the challenge and be different this year? Or is another year of mediocrity sound really appealing? No judgement on my part, I will love you either way but I would love to share a smile and a hug with you on January 1st when you feel the fire in your belly that is passion not heartburn.

Go for it!!  Be the beast you know you can be. Come join us. I will be posting every stinkin’ day on Instagram and Facebook to keep you motivated and thinking. Lets do this!!