Author: Dr. Huber


It’s Game Time!!

Hello to all. I just wanted to offer a note of support as we head into the holiday season. We have all heard stories about crazy weight gain over the Holidays as we partake of some of our favorite treats. It has been reported that American’s gain an average of 10 pounds over the Christmas holiday season. This is HIGHLY speculative and other reports have found that the actual gain is only 1 pound. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. Your life, your weight, your energy, your brain function is defined by your BELIEFS. The holidays theoretically have everything to do with faith, religion, Jesus, family, joy, celebration, and gratitude for what we have and the success we have enjoyed through the year. But somehow the commercialization of Christmas has led to Christmas carols being played weeks before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, high definition TV sales, catalogs plugging up your mail box and “free shipping”.


Do yourself a favor. SLOW DOWN. Breathe. Enjoy the spirit of the holiday and make a firm decision that you and your body and your brain are more valuable than some crappie sugar coated cookie or flavored popcorn. What do you really want out of this holiday? 5 more pounds or maybe what you really want is to connect with family and friends. Maybe sharing time and stories and hugs with those that matter in your life have more reward than the taste of sugar on your tongue that only lasts 3 minutes.

Be conscious, be aware and be involved with everything in your life. The simple easy out of saying, “well, it's the holidays” is a mindless, pitiful excuse to slowly kill ourselves. Have the occasional cookie but make it count. Decide, truly DECIDE the holidays are more than just mindless chewing of empty calories. Your choices define you. What are the choices that you make right now saying about your character and your values?

You don’t have to live a life of deprivation but you also don't have to consume every holiday treat just because “society” expects you to.

Here is a thought. An actual conscious thought. Decide right now what 1 or 2 holiday treats are most valuable to you. Decide if Mom’s special cookies or aunt Joyce’s pecan pie is your best celebration of the holidays. Then plan to enjoy those things with reckless abandon. But in exchange for that joyous feast you are going to reject any suboptimal low level devil bombs that the rest of your planet-mates are going to suck down. Be bigger, better, badder (yes I know it's not a word) and more decisive. Be in charge of YOU. Decide not to be a drone and to be in charge of your life and not let Nabisco and Kroger decide your fate.

You have taken the first step toward a lifelong commitment to being the boss of your body. Life is happening every day, right now. What are you going to do? You don't have to be perfect but who are you going to be? What do you say to the world about who you are with each and every decision you make? Are you a contender or a pretender? Only you know the answer.

We are here to support and not to condemn. We are here to challenge and to offer a path. We are here to cheer and celebrate victories. We are also here to shine a light and lovingly promote accountability. At the end of the day no one can make you do anything in this life. At the end of the day everything that happens to us is of our own doing. But Chelsea and I believe in the power of faith and belief. We believe in the infinite power to change any situation. We believe that you have the power to redirect your life into a celebration of the human spirit. I KNOW you can make better decision that liberate the inner joy and the inner child within. The only question that remains is are you ready to step and truly live YOUR life and not fall into the life that others have written for you?

Time will tell. Each and every day writes the story.

Happy Holidays,

Dr. Gary Huber