Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Exercise determines sleep quality, depth and length. Why not move in the daytime to improve your sleep cycle in the night time?

A new study from 2017 looked at people that did resistance exercise and found that not only did it reduce the occurrence of anxiety and depression but it improved every aspect of sleep including sleep quality.

Many Americans rely on benzodiazepine medications to fall asleep but multiple studies have shown time and again that the use of Valium, Ativan, and Restoril as sleep aids reduces the quality of the sleep. Sleep medications such as these don’t allow you to reach the deepest most restorative levels of sleep known as “slow wave sleep”. It is important to note that this study was a review exploring the results of 13 other studies. There were a few factors that are important to emphasize:
• Chronic resistance exercisers experienced more benefit than new comers.
• Quality of sleep improved – more slow wave sleep and fewer interruptions
• Intensity or exercise matters and increased the benefit. Go hard or go home. 
• Frequency matters and those that hit the gym 3 times per week benefited the most.

• At least a third of Americans report awakening 3 times per night
• 26% of Americans have sleep apnea
• Poor sleep quality, while increases the risk of cardiovascular disease, stroke, depression & anxiety.
• Poor sleep quality results in shorter life span.

A government al sponsored population study done years ago showed that Americans have reduced their average sleep cycle from 8 to 9 hours back in the 1970’s to today’s average of only 6 hours. Over that same time span we have watched as diabetes, heart disease, autoimmune disease and cancer diagnosis have exploded. It doesn't take a rocket scientist to figure out that if you don’t sleep you can't repair your body. The body suffers and YOU suffer. Americans don't respect their sleep and as a result we are the fattest, most disease riddled population on the planet. Take heed my friends. Nourish and rest in order to restore or pay the price. We tend to eat processed crap and then not allow proper rest and yet we want energy, clear mind and vitality.  Really??

I will keep repeating this until I die. It only takes 4 basic elements to be REALLY healthy:
1. Good food, real food, whole food. Avoid processed crap.
2. Good solid restful uninterrupted sleep or 7.5 hours per night. Yes . . . UNinterrupted.
3. Move your BUTT, exercise regularly. The body loves sweat and movement.
4. Manage your stress. Meditate. Quiet the mind. Your brain needs to reset.

If you can dare find it within you to do these BASIC things then you will RULE your world.
Guaranteed. Make excuses and you are signing your own death certificate prematurely. The CHOICE is yours. Life is glorious if you let it be. Suffering is optional.