Author: Dr. Gary Huber   Offered in 2018

Intermittent Fasting is a great tool for slowing down your rate of aging. Want to reverse blood sugar issues? Try using this simply tool to take control and get younger.

Exactly 28 days until Christmas which is amply plenty and oodles of time to create a habit of significance. If you are doing the Virtuoso Program with us then you are learning new ideas every day and walking a different path that will net huge change by January 1st. If you aren’t doing the Virtuoso Program then I have to wonder why you aren’t interested in living the best version of yourself? Gentle nudge here but seriously . . . every day above ground is worth celebrating and living out loud. So here is my challenge for the remainder of this week: start something new that you can maintain as a new habit into the new year. May I suggest Intermittent Fasting?

If you are looking to shake up your boring routine and engage a proven method for getting younger then explore Intermittent Fasting. The number of studies both past and present has become staggering. What was once a niche notion is now a solid medical approach to cleaner living and healthier cells. The simple idea is to restrict calories for a period of time which forces your body to become less inflamed and more efficient. This is NOT calorie restriction. This is not intended to reduce the number of calories you eat but allocate them to a specific period of time. Many studies have explored different options but I would say if you are new to this then simply restrict calories to 12 hours of the day. This means fasting from 8PM to 8AM.  Fairly easy to accomplish and if you are ketogenic then this is a breeze.

Looking to step up your game? Then try a longer fast, eating only 8-10 hours of the day. I am personally trying to fast until 10AM and stop eating at 7PM. That is only a 9 hour window to consume calories. Why? People that eat all day long and especially if they eat in the middle of the night are never allowing the gut to rest. It elevates insulin secretion which is inflammatory to the body. The bowel is always processing foods and this creates some degree of oxidative stress. Going a little hungry allows ghrelin, one of our appetite hormones to rise and this in turn stimulates some very healthy responses by the body. It will kick up our growth hormone and help create nitric oxide to dilate blood vessels. We see insulin drop and insulin resistance will reverse. Inflammatory chemicals like CRP begin to drop which slows down the rate of aging. So in general people report feeling less inflamed, more mentally agile, better mood and yes even weight loss.

The biochemical alterations that occur under this model are very healthy and yes it will serve to reverse metabolic syndrome. The foods we do choose to eat are obviously key here and I would suggest a whole foods diet loaded with meat, vegetables and healthy fats including nuts and seeds. I care less about the amount of what you eat and more care towards real foods of high quality. Obviously lower carb is desired and I would definitely avoid wheat.

So, take this challenge and see what you are made of. Telling yourself ahead of time what you are going to do will start a course of action that you will more likely implement. Simply thinking it’s interesting and “waiting to see” if you can do this will net lousy results. Go into this with intention and commitment. Set your phone with an alarm to signify when you can eat and when to stop. Take it seriously. I think you will love how you feel.

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