Author: Dr. Gary Huber

The time is NOW! Take control of your life and make a clear decision to live at a higher level. Join our momentum and become a Virtuoso and bring in a new year worth living.

I was asked to speak this weekend at the Sion Medical Center in Beavercreek to a group of highly motivated holistically minded folks who were interested enough in their own health to invest a sunny Saturday morning and afternoon in learning. Half of the audience were medical professionals of different varieties and the other half were just like you. But all of us in attendance were seeking answers and information that would improve the quality of our health and life. Anyone who knows me can tell you that this is like crack cocaine to me. I have a pure unadulterated addiction to learning and sharing. If you live in the Centerville area then check out Patti McCormick’s Institute of Holistic Leadership group for classes.

The upshot to all this is that I came home fired up about creating our own local community of like-minded people interested in changing their life and their health. We have thousands of patients that have plugged into our office over the years and heard our message but I know that it is a struggle to then go home and face the responsibilities of family and job while still developing your healthy ideals. I know you have questions and I am quite sure that we can provide answers and I want to provide new options and portals of information to bring us all together in a united front where everyone feels supported. Having friends and neighbors and yes even strangers to lean on is key to everyone’s success so let’s build it. In fact, this is key for us to build a more successful community. Healthier people simply make a stronger community. Wouldn’t your journey be easier and more enjoyable if you shared the experience? Yes!!

Our Virtuoso Program is all about mastering your body and mind to change your health and escalate your joy of living. If you are already a Virtuoso graduate then I am relying on you to help coach others and if this idea is new to you then go check out our Virtuoso program listing on our website. The Virtuoso program emerged years ago after repeated requests from patients to teach them how I live MY life. What do you eat, how do you exercise, what’s the best home water filter, how do I avoid toxins, and on and on. The Virtuoso program is a map to successful living.

I know I can show you how to change but change is really scary.

I am beyond the days of begging people to change their lives. So, I am seeking those ready for change and ready to commit to something better and to a life that is better. I’m asking you to be held accountable to yourself!! Oooohhhhhhh yeah, that's scary isn’t it. If you want to be the French fry eating champion of the county then go for it but I know that isn’t what you really want. This is just a bad pattern that you have developed and quite simply you don't know how to break out of that pattern. You are a prisoner of that pattern. You have 2 choices: stay a victim of your own faulty set of rules that holds you captive or say “I have had enough and I demand better!” We can show you how to quiet the beast within. Slay the beast and find your peace. Life is too short to spend a single day suffering from bad thinking.

Building a community of like-minded people that come from infinitely different backgrounds but share a common goal which is the ability to control their body. To reclaim their life and the joy that comes from living life at a higher level. Living out loud!!

If that is you then come join us right NOW – TODAY. If that is not you then ask yourself why not? It’s OK if you are not ready just yet, but I suggest you start exploring the reason WHY. The days are ticking by faster than you think. How many second chances are you going to pass up before you’re too old, too tired, too sick, too big and too unmotivated to ever make a change.

I believe YOU are capable of infinite change but you need to possess the desire. You bring me your desire and I will show you the path.

Call our office: (513) 924-5300 or E-Mail and simply say “I’m ready for change, sign me up”. Our Virtuoso program is being offered at $100 off the normal price through the remainder of the holidays. We are also giving you a $50 gift card to be used on any supplements you choose. NO, do NOT start this process AFTER the holidays you big chicken. The momentum is NOW. Get up, reclaim your life and decide to make THIS Holiday your statement. Let’s do it together and enjoy the ride!!