Author: Dr. Gary Huber

If you snore then you have a high probability of sleep apnea which can contribute to an accelerated risk for heart disease. Join our live discussion on Facebook this Wednesday.

Having irregular heart rate or “arrhythmia” is a scary thing. Imagine your heart racing in an uncontrolled fashion. It doesn't feel good and more importantly it can increase your risk for a stroke. Well a new study just released this week followed 8.256 people over a ten year period and found that if they had sleep apnea then their chance of developing atrial fibrillation (arrhythmia) was increased by 77%!   (Kendzerska et al, Chest September 2018)

Sleep apnea is preventable and treatable with a host of different options but the key is to identify it before it causes harm. If you snore then you need to consider getting a simple sleep study to uncover this potential problem. A sleep study can be done at home using simple device. If it is found then there are approaches to treatment other than a CPAP device. Many people never get tested because they are opposed to wearing a CPAP mask but there are other alternatives. But first you need to get a sleep study!

I want to introduce you to the idea of a dental appliance to reduce snoring and sleep apnea. I will be interviewing Dr. Tim Kitzmiller, a dentist that specializes in dental appliances to resolve sleep apnea. Tune in this Wednesday at 3PM on our Facebook page for a LIVE discussion and you can ask any questions you have and get answers in real time. I hope to see you there.