Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Tired of working to lose weight only to regain it months later? The reason for this vicious cycle is ignoring the real issue . . . your thoughts and beliefs. To change your weight you must change your brain. Your brain is in charge of what you do. Your subconscious beliefs that lurk in the shadows of your conscious thoughts will always drive bad behavior until they are addressed.


The reason people gain weight is far more complex than simple diet and exercise. What about stress and sleep? Is stress altering your sleep cycle and thus affecting hormones and insulin? How do you know unless you work with someone knowledgeable in such matters? The key to life long weight control as well as life long health is not only KNOWING better but DOING better and doing it consistently because you have redefined your mindset, your vision and your subconscious thought process.


This is actually fun and exciting to engage. It means a chance to redefine yourself in a better broader more enjoyable light. People get face-lifts, breast lifts and butt lifts so why not an attitude lift? Tick-tock, our time on this planet is short so don't you deserve to enjoy every single day being the best version of yourself that is possible?


If any of this resonates with you then you owe it to yourself to at least explore the possibility. Schedule a consultation to examine our Virtuoso program and see if it feels right for you. This is the path that our patients follow when they desire life long change and guaranteed results. Make this your year . . . why wait? Call our office today and schedule your chance to change your life forever.  Phone: (513)924-5300