Author: Betsy Westhafer

Week 2 of 26 – It’s Time to Shake It Up


As with anything worthwhile, getting to one’s ideal health and vitality doesn’t come without challenges and the occasional need for a course correction. That was the story of my week.


This past week was so exciting for me as I officially got started on the Virtuoso program at Huber Personalized Medicine. Chelsea gave me a boat load of great resources, including my new favorite stainless steel water bottle, but more importantly, she gave me the confidence to undertake and commit to this journey.


This week was about adjusting my insulin receptors by doing what is referred to as a “Protein Induction.”


“Unwanted weight gain is always associated with some degree of insulin resistance. Insulin resistance simply means that your body is over-producing insulin because the insulin receptor is not working well. It has become inefficient. Insulin tells the body to store fat and inhibits your body’s ability to burn fat as fuel. By removing carbohydrates from the diet for five days and offering nothing but protein, we encourage a rapid change in the insulin receptor’s sensitivity. Insulin levels drop like a stone and the normal signaling mechanism returns to normal so that we stop over-producing insulin.”   ~Huber Personalized Medicine


So my challenge was to go from the way I had been eating, which by the way, was pretty darn clean, to having nothing but protein for five days. The first couple of days were fine. The next day-and-a-half were tolerable. The last day-and-a-half I was craving vegetables like a famished rabbit. Not a bad thing. Not bad at all.


The heavy use of spices is encouraged in this phase, so I learned to get quite creative with my husband’s abundant and overly organized spice cabinet. My favorite new spice, as it turns out, is a Worchestershire spice which works on just about any form of protein from a hamburger to calamari.


The results are in:  I lost 3.4 lbs and despite the warnings from Chelsea that I might feel the effects of the change of diet in the form of low energy, I had a pretty healthy energy level all week. I found this rather intriguing since was in the throws of the worst bout of insomnia in recent memory.


In speaking with Chelsea today about my lack of good sleep, she said that any time you change up your diet significantly, it becomes a stressor to your body, which obviously can interrupt sleep habits. She said that it was normal and short term, and offered me melatonin to help get me over the hump. I gladly accepted and am looking forward to an exceptional night’s sleep tonight.


Reflecting on the past week, what strikes me most were the strong feelings of habit that began to emerge late Friday afternoon. About 4:00 pm on Friday I started thinking about where I would like to go out to eat and what cocktail I would I would be sipping, well, because that’s just what we always do. And it’s not that I won’t be doing that ever ever again, because that’s not how this program works. I will be able to eat out and enjoy the occasional cocktail. But this time, I just didn’t really want to. I wanted to give myself every advantage in being successful. I realized that this will be the first of many paradigm shifts I will experience as I strive for optimal health. I felt very empowered, and the decision to not allow old habits to rule but rather choosing the mindful alternative gave me great confidence heading into the weekend.


I conclude this week’s update with my top three things for which I am filled with gratitude:

  • A gorgeous nature preserve with hiking trails that was my source of exercise on Sunday
  • Progress toward achieving my healthy weight
  • Worchestershire spice and melatonin (okay, I slip a fourth in there)


Have a great week ahead, and thanks for continuing to follow my journey.