Author: Betsy Westhafer

Week 5 of 26 – Perfection is not the goal


We all know that taking care of one’s health and wellness is a journey, and there are no awards for driving yourself crazy trying to be perfect 100% of the time. But sometimes a reminder is in order.


For the last 30+ days, I have strived for perfection. I have religiously kept my journal up-to-date, I’ve measured my water intake, I’ve never missed taking a supplement and I’ve proudly waved the “I’m in the zone” flag.


But something interesting happened to my mindset that threw me off course.


Remember in my last post, I mentioned that Dr. Huber ordered additional blood tests to get more info on why certain results we were working toward weren’t happening. Well, as it turns out, we got a very clear answer. My thyroid had apparently decided that working optimally was overrated and decided to go on a hiatus. My numbers had changed pretty dramatically just since my last panel in July and not in a good way.


A thyroid that doesn’t do its job leads to lots of issues, including depression, hair loss, ridgy and peeling fingernails, the inability to lose weight, and low energy among other fun stuff. Although I had been taking some supplements to increase the optimization of my thyroid, it just wasn’t enough, so despite my desire to stay off medications completely, I had to accept that sometimes medications are in order.


So, how did this impact my mindset? Well, as much as I hate to admit it, I kind of threw in the towel between the time I found out I would probably be going on a med until the specially-compounded Rx arrived in my mailbox. I got into a place in my head where I thought (illogically) that if my dietary and exercise perfection weren’t going to get me where I wanted to go healthwise, then what’s the point? This is a dangerous place to live.


Here’s the point: It’s not about perfection, and striving for perfection can actually backfire. I basically burned myself out and took the first opportunity (excuse) to revert to old habits. Yesterday, Chelsea and I were talking about this very thing and she assured me that leading a healthy lifestyle 80-85% of the time will have huge benefits and won’t lead to burnout and reverting to old habits. Lesson learned!


If you are struggling with any of the symptoms listed above, I highly recommend reaching out to Dr. Huber. He has a very specific and different way of checking for thyroid issues, so don’t assume that all thyroid blood panels are created equal because they certainly are not.


My gratitude:

  • The kind messages I have received from readers of this blog
  • Fresh starts and a renewed energy
  • A healthy, beautiful new grandson

Wishing you all the best in your health and wellness journey,