Fasting before a glucose test does nothing to challenge your system and often overlooks or misses a developing glucose regulation problem. As many as 40% of people with type 2 diabetes or insulin resistance might "pass" a fasting test. For this reason, we want to test your body's true ability to manage glucose by giving it a pure sugar load and watching how it performs. This is ONE OF THE BEST tests for assessing your overall health and risk for chronic disease. Manage your glucose and the body will run smoothly and live longer.  

Eat one of the following options 2 hours before having your blood drawn. The purpose of this test is to test your bodies efficiency at managing sugar. A poor response means your have increased risk for diabetes. If present, then there are things we can address to remove that risk.

  1. Rice cakes & Jelly
    • Carmel rice cakes x4 (“Quacker” brand has 44 grams of carb in 4 cakes) PLUS 2 tablespoons of traditional jam or jelly (“Smuckers” brand has 26 grams of carb per 2 TBSP). Total of 70 grams of high glycemic carbs.
  2. Banana & Jelly
    • 1 large banana PLUS 4 tbsp jelly/jam
  3. Fruit
    • 2 cups diced mango (54 grams carbs), 1 large banana (25 grams grams)
  4. Rice & Jelly
    • 1 & 1/3rd cup cooked white rice (60 grams of carb) PLUS 1 tablespoon jelly or jam (14 grams of carb) would total 74 grams of high glycemic carb.