It’s not fair!!  Cellulite affects 95% of women and 0% of men. Why? A women’s physiology is set up to store fat in order to provide fat stores during pregnancy. Men get a free pass as we are designed for hunting. Yes, times have changed but the physiology remains the same.

The structural make up of how we are built is also different. Women have columns of collagen in their skin and subcutaneous fat layers that when young and pliable look smooth. Men don’t have these columns of collagen, men have a crosshatched pattern (not columns) that are more capable of remaining pliable. But as we age some changes occur. The collagen gets stiffer and thicker and the fat cells around it get plumper. Something has to give. Lymph and blood flow become reduced and the fat has a more difficult time draining. This results in the “dimpling” or orange peel appearance to the skin. You can lose weight but this doesn't correct the lymph flow, blood flow or collagen structure.

Say hello to my little friend, “Acoustic Wave Therapy”. A non-invasive wave can be applied external to the skin sending energy deep into the tissue. This wave can penetrate more than 2-3 inches to stimulate lymphatic and blood flow. It also causes small micro-damage to the collagen tissue which results in healing growth factors to be summoned to this area for repair. The result is younger more pliable tissue that allows the dimpling to ease. The fat is now able to drain more effectively and as this congestion eases the appearance of the skin begins to smooth.

This magic doesn't happen overnight but it does indeed happen. From the time of your first treatment to finished result takes 12 weeks. So patience is a virtue. But it is not “hoping” for results, its waiting for results that are absolutely coming as the physiology is the same in everyone. Now let’s be real here . . . this works but if you really want to see impressive results then eating a low carb diet and getting some exercise will add fuel to this fire.

A double blinded placebo-controlled trial in 2013 (Knobloch) showed a 24% improvement in the cellulite appearance in the first 12 weeks. The skin elasticity improved as well and other studies have verified this. The skin is acting as younger skin and taking on a more youthful appearance. Studies exploring the oxidative stress in this tissue has also been explored and showed improvement in the biochemistry.

But is it safe? Absolutely. This is a noninvasive technique that has been applied to many physical conditions including joint and muscle issue, neuropathies, vascular issues and is being explored for use in cardiovascular problems. The procedure takes approximately one hour, twice per week for 3 weeks. It is painless and has no down time.

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