Ivor Cummins has a chemical engineering degree and a history as a complex problem-solving analyst. He hosts a health-based podcast that explores complex medical issues such as heart disease. The podcast offered here is a great look at the actual science and numbers pertaining to the recent COVID pandemic as it relates to a global view. He explores how viruses normally move through populations and contrasts COVID with influenza. By looking back at the past 2 years we can better understand what COVID really was and see what we might expect in the future.  


I offer this discussion in hopes that it will allow you to see the true status of COVID and appreciate that this virus has completed its course. The scare is over and the primary risk has passed. If you are reading this then that means you survived COVID as did 99.91% of the world population. There will always be and has always been viruses circling the globe. They change and morph and reappear over and over again. This is nothing new. The lesson here is to live a life that is robustly healthy so that your immune system is strong and capable of repelling these threats. It is truly sad that people die from infections but it is very predictable who is at risk. If COVID was scary because you were at risk then this is your chance to change that status. Alter your diet, begin an exercise program, reverse your diabetes, lose the weight, reverse your high blood pressure, boost your immune system. We are here to help guide you in that journey if you need help. We think you have a lot of living to do and want to ensure that tomorrow is bright with possibility.