Dr Ryan Cole – is a board certified pathologist, immunologist and virologist and reports his experience after his lab has performed over 100,000 COVID tests. He asserts that he has read 6,000 medical articles on the topic of COVID and virology related topics. He reports the following and backs it up with medical science: 

See the video link to view first hand: https://www.bitchute.com/video/hfzL5gUeQvxr/

  • The pandemic is over. Very little infection left
  • The virus has run its course as all virus’ do. Seasonal 6-9 month life cycle for the virus is over.
  • Average of age death for a COVID patient is 78.6. Average age of death for anyone living in North America is 78.6. No difference.
  • Highest risk factors are advanced age, obesity and low vitamin D level.
  • 90% of deaths have occurred to people over the age on 70.
  • Studies report that no spread of virus has occurred in outdoor environment due to fragile nature of the virus when exposed to UV light and air. All spread has occurred indoors under conditions of poor ventilation.
  • Vitamin D destroys COVID by enhancing immune response. Master KEY.
  • Cytokine storm does not occur if your vitamin D is sufficient.
  • 70-80% of all Americans are Vitamin D deficient, thus at risk but infinitely reversible by simply taking vitamin D.
  • 100% of Dr. Huber and Dr. Bianco’s patents get their vitamin D measured.
  • NIH (National Institute of Health) co-holds the patent on the vaccine with Maderna.
  • Our government agencies have a shareholder stake in the financial result of the mRNA vaccine. Our government is in bed with the vaccine manufacturers.
  • The Federal government by law can’t legally approve a vaccine for any disease for which there is a treatment. So if they conveniently deny that any treatment works then they can manufacture a loophole that serves their financial interest.
  • Ivermectin, a safe 40-year-old drug that kills COVID, has dramatic evidence and study in multiple countries to show that it works to radically treat COVID. It is in fact life-saving.
  • Ivermectin kills many viruses. The NIH recommended against it despite safety and efficacy.
  • Ivermectin appears on the worlds safest and most valuable drug list. Over 4 billion people have taken it since 1980. Rare side effect.
  • Use of Ivermectin in American hospitals has reduced death rates from COVID by 70-90% and yet our government does not recommend its use.
  • Argentina study gave Ivermectin to 800 doctors and nurses as prophylaxis to prevent COVID, 0% of the treatment group became infected with COVID while 50% of the placebo group (not given ivermectin) became infected.
  • Ivermectin works against all versions or variants of the virus.
  • His use of Ivermectin given to COVID patients resolved symtpoms within 12 to 48 hours.
  • Dr. Ryan states that the current mRNA “vaccine” is not in fact a vaccine and he refers to it as a “medical device”.
  • Cole refers to the current “vaccine” as an “Experimental biological gene therapy, immune modulatory injection”. We have never done this on large scale in human history.
  • Animal studies has shown dramatic rise in autoimmune disease, cancer and other poor outcomes.
  • If this is truly a vaccine, then why would you still be required to wear a mask and socially distance? He states it’s because they aren’t sure it will even work or create immunity.
  • We don’t know what will happen when exposed to a coronavirus in the future. In the animal studies future exposure to coronavirus caused massive immune inflammation and autoimmune disease.
  • He states unequivocally that masks do nothing to prevent spread and showed that disease rates in states with mask laws were no different from states where no mask requirements existed.

At Huber Personalized Medicine we were recommending vitamin D and other immune supports early last year. We have been recommending Ivermectin for months and providing it for our patients. We want to preserve your health and stay committed to providing science, not social media, in defense of your best life. Whatever choices you make in the coming months, we stand behind you and simply want you to have the facts to enable your best decision.