COVID-19 Vaccine Status - Facts to consider

Much of the information below is taken from articles, videos, and scientific literature offered on the website. Viewing Dr. Lee Merritt, M.D. will add compelling details that are key to making a sound decision. If you are a clinician then I strongly urge you to view the AFLDS website and read the literature so you can form your own opinion. I offer the following thoughts below as I found this information difficult to uncover and seemingly hidden by outside influences.

The current “vaccine” for COVID is new technology never used on humans before and it is called “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” or ADE. It is a piece of genetic material, messenger RNA (mRNA) being injected. How do mRNA technologies work?


  • This is not a vaccine. A vaccine uses a weakened or attenuated version of a virus that is administered to drive an immune response in the host. The mRNA injection offers no viral components, it in fact is a genetic signal that triggers your cells to make what is called a “spike” protein.
  • This genetic material, the mRNA enters every cell of your body and does not leave. It is driving your cells to make proteins, the full range of which we are not sure. There are too many unknowns because we have never used this type of immunologic technology on human beings before. This is an experiment. You are agreeing to be a lab rat for the vaccine industry. U.S. laws do not allow you to sue a vaccine company if something goes wrong.
  • mRNA acts like a computer chip that is being inserted into your genetic programming.
  • This technology is called “Antibody Dependent Enhancement” or ADE. It drives genetic alteration; it does not drive antibody production as we are familiar with in the typical course of vaccinations.
  • No one is receiving “Informed Consent” about the dangers of this vaccine. That potentially turns a simple medical procedure into a physical assault.



  • This technology has been tried on animals but in all animal studies done the animals all died, not immediately from the vaccine (mRNA injection) but from other immune challenges that followed, months later.
  • There has never been a successful long term animal study using this technology. The animals all died from either sepsis or cardiac failure.
  • We don’t have ANY long-term studies on humans. The longest that this new technology has been studied after administering it to humans is 2 months. We know from decades of drug and vaccine studies that you can’t identify the majority of risk for any agent in a mere 2 months, you need years. Most vaccines are tested for 2-3 years before they are released as safe by the FDA.



  • This mRNA technology does nothing to reduce transmission of the virus.


COVID-19 Threat

  • This coronavirus is no more lethal than the standard influenza virus. Survivability from the flu is 99.92% while survivability with COVID-19 is 99.91%.
  • This virus grows weaker over time with less transmission and less virulence. As it passes through a human host it is the very nature of coronavirus to get weaker, not stronger.
  • The vast majority, >90% of COVID-19 patients will have a brief and mild experience. The vaccine (genetic program) is actually more of a threat than the infection for these 90%.



  • We don’t typically vaccinate against a disease that we have treatment for. Why take the risk of an unknown “vaccine” (genetic program) when we have multiple avenues of treatment that have been shown effective across multiple nations.
    • Hydroxychloroquine, Ivermectin, Colchicine, Zithromax, and others.
  • Lysosomotropic Agents (Lysosome targeting) are widely beneficial for treatment of COVID. Ivermectin in clinical study reduced viral replication of COVID-19 by 5000-fold and stopped the virus in its tracks. It is being used as standard of care in multiple hospital systems currently. Ivermectin has been around for 40 years, is safe and inexpensive.
  • STUDY: International Journal of Antimicrobial Agents – Vol 56, Issue 2, August 2020.  "Widely available lysosomal targeting agents should be considered as potential therapy for COVID-19."
  • Colchicine reduces the risk of cytokine storm
  • Metformin enhances immune response and had a 4 fold reduction in lethality for diabetics with COVID.
    • Some scientists postulate that Metformin may even reduce the risk of contracting COVID-19 but this idea has not been studied specifically.



  • Multiple elements can be used to promote greater immune defense, better oxidative status to reduce risk of cytokine storm, and enhanced resistance to even getting this virus.
  • Vitamin C, Vitamin D, Argentyn silver, Zinc, Beta-glucans, Quercetin, and simple antioxidants to reduce overall ROS. These are currently being used as standard of care in hospitalized patients with great results.
  • Of sick people in the hospital with COVID-19, their risk of being in the ICU was <4% if the vitamin D was >30.

We have a 69 billion-dollar-a-year vaccine industry that does not want you to have this information. Efforts are being made to drive fear so they can drive sales.

When asked about this vaccine I simply tell patients that I have concerns. I share that it is untested technology and that if you give consent for the vaccine make sure that you are receiving true informed consent (unlikely). I tell them that I will not get the vaccine myself as the risk largely outweighs any benefit. I tell them that effective treatment and prophylaxis is available and easily affordable so why get an unproven vaccine that carries unknown risks. Whether or not YOU decide to get this vaccine is your free choice as an American. But now you are armed with additional facts that can help you make an informed decision.


To my HippEvo colleagues and clinicians across the country:

I will be preserving and posting the videos of Dr. Lee Merritt and Professor Dolores Cahill, on the HippEvo webinar site for your review. YouTube is taking this information down and we all need to consider moving away from YouTube due to its biased policies and move to a free speech service such as “Odysee” or “Rumble” which are similar platforms to YouTube but without censorship.


Sources of information:

  • If you find it, Alex Newman interviewed Dr. Lee Merritt on YouTube. Dr. Merritt is highly qualified to speak to this issue and her opinions and experience with this issue can be found on the internet in various forums.
  • Dr. Dolores Cahill, PhD also has information on YouTube and elsewhere.
  • Website is a consortium of doctors that have compiled research on the topic of COVID in general and the vaccine in particular. They offer a white paper highlighting the research and the potential concerns. Much of that document was used to assemble the notes above.

I apologize for the length of this note but it is in fact a large topic and an urgent one. My goal is to share a broader story so you can make informed consent should you decide to move forward with the genetic programming.

Best health to you,

Gary Huber, D.O.  – Huber Personalized Medicine

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