Not fasting is akin to not exercising. You are not required to do either one but that decision will cost you years of life and quality of life. We would all likely agree that those that exercise regularly are generally healthier, leaner, and less likely to have diabetes and heart disease. But that's just the tip of the iceberg. Exercisers also get better sleep, have less emotional roller coasters, have more energy, better mental focus and are experiencing a better quality of life on all fronts.
Fasting is just like exercise. Anyone can do it, it’s easy, its free and anyone who decides to engage it will enjoy all of the benefits I listed above. Those that effectively fast will age more slowly, dramatically reduce risk of Alzheimers as well as reduced risk for all of the chronic diseases of aging including but not limited to heart disease, cancer, arthritis, stroke and diabetes. In fact, fasting is the BEST tool on the planet for reversing type 2 diabetes. Did you know that? ANYONE and I mean ANYONE with type 2 diabetes can reverse it and come off ALL MEDICATION including insulin, safely and effectively by engaging fasting techniques under the guidance of a trained physician.
I could not have fasted more than 10 hours 2 years ago. But I was willing to learn and now I fast every week. Sometimes I fast for 24 hours, sometimes longer like 2-3 days and sometimes not at all. The key here is to be curious enough to explore what your body is capable of. I guarantee you that it is easier than you think and I can show you that this habit will change your life in ways you never imagined. Or . . . you can ignore my plea to try something new, never fast, never exercise and age fast, get achy, feel old, getting crabby, complain about how the world is unfair and how your too busy to make change, and slide into your misery. Life is a choice and life is infinitely under YOUR control. Take the control and generate an amazing existence. See my video on WHY to fast and how it works in the body and stay tuned for upcoming video on HOW to fast.