Author: Dr. Huber

How does any given food earn the label of “health food” while another is called” junk food”? Some foods get placed on a pedestal as being above all others in the eyes of health minded individuals yet I constantly see some foods that seemed to have snuck onto that list by bribing the doorman and sneaking in the back door. So I gathered a few ideas and created a few guidelines so that we might have a shot at some rational discussion.


Lets establish a few ground rules ahead of time so that we can more easily spot impostors that might try to gain entry to our sacred list. We’ll start with the basics. For example can we all agree that really good healthy food should actually be food? Seems obvious but I see a lot of people opening bag and cans to get to their health food and I have never seen a plant produce bags or cans. Despite the array of odd things a goat might ingest, a bag or can has never emerged from them. So if real food comes from healthy animals and healthy plants then I want to vote that real healthy food has to be food and not some modified food like substrate with added calcium and sorghum gum.


Rule 1: Whole foods without labels and not processed substrates.


Next I would like to suggest that these whole foods come without pesticides, herbicides and other toxins added in. I know I’m a radical but I don’t want to eat toxins. Easy enough to find organic food and the cost is easily offset by the money you will save by not going to the oncologist. In fact I actually did a price comparison and found organic foods were typically a mere 5 to 10 cents higher than non-organic whole food. Well worth it. Now I'm talking fruits and vegetables here not organic stuff in boxes and cans. Remember rule#1.


Rule 2: Organic food is better than poison food. Organic includes no GMO, no genetically modified foods that contain pesticide genes

in them, and no carcinogens.


Now I know we all have to live in the real world and travel to real places that are not under our control where we may be forced to eat foods or buy foods that already violate rule 1 & 2. So, can we agree that there is too much sugar in the world and that we don’t need to eat ALL of it. I suggest that we make a simple rule that no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving is the most we should accept from a processed food.


Rule 3: Allowable processed foods shall contain no more than 5 grams of sugar per serving.


Lastly I would like to make a short list of offensive ingredients that should be grounds for immediate dismissal if they occur on the list of any processed food. This list is not exhaustive and really just contains a few known toxins that create known disease, and/or contribute to cancer growth.


Rule 4: No aspartame, MSG, high fructose corn syrup, trans fats, cancer promoters or carcinogens.


So in summary for any food to make it to our “health food” list it must simply comply with this very basic, broad and lenient criteria. For example, organic carrots? Check you’re in. That was simple. Organic apples? Check. Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken? Uh-oh. The list of ingredients is longer than the declaration of independence. Better move in for a closer look. 

Ingredients: For Lean Cuisine Glazed Chicken

Cooked chicken tenderloins (chicken tenderloins, high fructose corn syrup, water, corn oil, modified cornstarch, lemon juice concentrate, sodium phosphates, salt, caramel color, potassium chloride, garlic, onion, paprika, spice), water, blanched enriched long grain rice (rice, ferric phosphate, niacin, thiamin mononitrate and folic acid), green beans, mushrooms, onions, blanched wild rice, modified cornstarch, sugar, salt, cultured whey, chicken fat, lemon juice concentrate, caramel color, dehydrated onions, spices, dehydrated garlic, paprika


I highlighted the most unfriendly stuff:

  • The second ingredient is high fructose corn syrup. Ingredients are listed in a descending order of content so there is more high fructose corn syrup than any other ingredient besides chicken.
  • Corn oil is a crop in this country that is genetically modified so that if it does not state organic then you can rest assured that it contains genetically altered DNA that contains a gene to help the plant produce it’s own herbicide. I hate the taste of Round-Up and I don't care to eat genes that were developed to enable a plant to survive it. Next!
  • It is not uncommon for foods to contain more than one sugar source since we just can’t get enough of it. High fructose corn syrup PLUS sugar? Why?


This one was easy but next we will look at some classic “health foods” like yogurt, rice cakes and protein bars. You may be surprised.