Knowing HOW your body works, puts you in the driver seat to determine what your body will do. Period. Not knowing or not experimenting with your own physiology is akin to driving your car without knowing where the brake pedal is. It’s going to end in ugly fashion.

I’m a “Curious George” by nature and love to experiment with my bodily functions. Why not? God gave me this really cool bag of gooey parts so let’s take it for a drive and open it up. Let me share my most recent adventure. I was in Ketosis yesterday as I enjoy a Ketogenic diet. Yes, I did use the word ENJOY appropriately. Its good stuff. Hours before our Christmas party I measured my blood ketones at 0.6. Anything above 0.5 is in fact ketosis. I had a plan to dive head first into the holiday treats being served: cookies, chocolate, chips, sandwiches, and yes there were some vegetables there as well but that was not my target for the evening.

Just to wash it all down I made sure that the bourbon was on ice. It’s an amazing phenomena . . . when your friends know that you love bourbon they bring you bourbon at Christmas. It's the most wonderful time of the year! Cheers! The festival of gluttony ended around 11PM. My belly was full. I am 100% certain that I was 0% keto at that hour.  

The body stores carbs as glycogen (stored sugar) in the liver and muscles. We carry roughly 500 grams of stored glycogen when fully fed. That is enough to fuel a 45 to 60 minute intense workout and then energy tends to drop. So, the following morning I remained fasting until my workout at 10:30AM. I engaged my workout with gusto and worked up a good sweat. Now notice that I didn't say I went for a nice walk or did yard work or house chores. Those things are NOT EXERCISE. They are lovely activities and have value but that is NOT the same as real exercise where your heart rate crests above 150 and sweat rolls down your face. So if you remained puzzled by your inability to create ketones, lose weight, drop blood sugar, reduce triglycerides, stimulate joint repair, drive youthful cellular physiology after a nice 2 mile stroll then perhaps this will solve the mystery. SWEAT!!

So it’s now 11:30AM and still no food, just plenty of water. Feeling a little hunger does not justify a battle cry for cheese fries and a 2 liter bottle of Coke. Feeling hungry (although illegal in the U.S.) is a delightful sensation if you learn to lean into it. Your brain is light and active. Your belly is flat and calm. Your liver, in search of fuel, is turning stored fat into ketones for the body to use. WHAT???  Yes, you are a fat burning machine!!  Eureka!!  Your prayers have been answered. Now how can I STOP this pesky fat burning process? Go eat. That's right, food introduction at this time will stop the fat burning process and kill the ketosis. So lean into it and enjoy how your body feels in a fasting state. Contrary to popular belief you will not explode . . . it is in fact the opposite . . . you will shrink.  Recognize that sensation and learn to cultivate it anytime you like.

At 1PM, 14 hours after my last food intake and 90 minutes post workout I checked my ketones with a finger stick. A resounding 1.1 = strong ketosis was the response. So, in the span of 14 hours I went from Keto to Glutton and back to Keto again. How? I know my body. And you should too. It’s not rocket science, I assure you. Knowing how to manage your blood sugar, cholesterol and caloric intake will allow you to live to a VERY ripe old age and not within the confines of a nursing home. Your life should be vibrant, energetic, flexible, dynamic, youthful and quite simply a BLAST!! Why not? The only law that says you have to be old and crusty is the “Law of Ignorance”. Learn how to manage your body with a few simple guidelines and reap the gigantic reward of living your life under your rules. Be in charge of your future and not a victim of it.

For more insights on a journey worth taking go to my YouTube channel at Dr. Gary Huber, YouTube and follow my longevity tips posted on our Longevity Playlist. Enjoy!