Is it possible to stay young forever? Sounds unrealistic but the impossible is becoming a greater reality with new discoveries in healthy longevity. I often hear people say they don't want to live to age 90 and beyond but what if you could do so with vitality and energy?

A new book by Harvard researcher David Sinclaire discusses research showing how we can coax our cellular pathways to behave as much younger cells. Supplements that stimulate the sirtuin network of proteins help us live longer and stronger and reduce cancer risk. The addition of a drug called metformin amplifies this effect. Now add a few lifestyle changes such as intermittent fasting (fasting for 12 hours), cold exposure and exercise and these additive therapies will have you turning cartwheels.

Want to learn more? Check out my video on our YouTube channel.  I will be posting more on this topic over the next few months. Its an exciting time to be alive!

See my short 4 minute video on what is possible: