The topic of meditation is daunting to many. Allow me to relax you right here. Meditation is a simple habit that once learned will add years to your life and excellent vivacious life to your years. It will be a point of celebration that you will look back upon and wonder how you ever got along without it. So please, breath, relax and walk into this discussion with an open mind and simply be willing allow peace to enter your world.

Meditation is little more than focusing on ONE thing. It is the opposite of your daily routine of multi-tasking. If you say out loud “I can't do that” then that's GREAT. It means meditation is exactly what you need. Learning to turn your brain OFF is exactly what you need to restore and repair the damage that has occurred. The stresses of yesterday can be erased if you are willing to simply learn.

This video will set you up for success by defining what meditation IS and what it IS NOT. It is not religion. It is not a nap. I will discuss the benefits of meditation and show how everyone can gain from this simple practice.

If you are determined that you do not want to learn and are certain that you don’t want to change your life for the better then this video and this path is not for you. But please return when you are ready to accept peace and joy into your life.

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