Cancer is the second leading cause of death in the United states, and it is very close to overtaking the #1 cause of death which is heart disease. But WHY? Medical science has invested over half a trillion dollars into cancer research yet age adjusted mortality has only improved 1% in the last 90 years. We are in fact still using chemicals developed in the 1940s for  chemical warfare, as a current chemotherapy treatment for cancer in 2021.

Despite knowledge that catching cancer in its early stages is the key to success we spend very little money or efforts on prevention. We continue to invest 12 BILLION dollars each year into ongoing cancer research but a mere 4% of these research dollars are spent on prevention.

More than two decades ago experts pronounced that the ability of chemotherapy and radiation to kill cancer had already been maximized and any further progress would have to come from other influences such as diet, lifestyle, alternative treatments, or other modalities for reducing cancer growth. Supporting the immune system's ability to fight cancer from the inside is what has been discussed for decades yet there are currently no drugs to stimulate this effect. There are however natural elements such as mushroom extracts that robustly stimulate this exact response and have successfully been used in cancer treatment by integrative oncologist. Why aren’t todays brilliant oncologists discussing these approaches? Must we wait another 90 years

for the conventional cancer industry to look up from their chemotherapy work bench and see the future?

Of all the emerging new chemotherapy drugs that are developed, 95% of them will fail completely. Of the 5% that show any success in early trials, only 25% actually work on real life patients. The few new drugs that do work will only extend life a few months. Not what I would call a cure and certainly not what I would define as success. If you improved your performance at your job just 1% in 90 years would you receive a pat on the back? You would in fact be labeled a failure.

The last sobering statistic I will share is that when people with advanced cancer pursue radiation, chemotherapy or surgery, that effort will bankrupt the entire family 42% of the time.

I’m sharing these factoids because we have been hypnotized to believe that we should all sit and wait for the next new magic drug to come and save us. That is insane. Failures in life exists in order to teach us to seek new direction. The magic to avoid and alter the course of cancer already exists if we are bold enough to seek alternative solutions. In that light I strongly recommend that everyone read Kelly Turners expertly research book, "Radical Remission". In this book Kelly walks you through countless documented cases of stage four untreatable cancer that are now in remission many many years later. People given three months to live are now telling their story 10 years later. She highlights the nine primary tools that these cancer patients used to alter their course. She talked to oncologists and ask them about their experiences with radical remission patients and highlights the fact that the medical community is hiding these cases from us for the simple fact that they don’t understand them.

My interest is simply to expand options and understanding. This book will expand your understanding of how life works. It has lessons for us all about health and vibrant living, with or without cancer. That's something we all seek.