Author: Dr. Anthony Bianco

Dr. Bianco shares John’s story: John is a very active 67-year-old man who came to me with
complaint of knee pain and arthritis. He received 3 monthly session of prolotherapy with
notable improvement in pain and function. Approximately 4 months after his initial treatment
he reported some lingering discomfort and opted to proceed with platelet-rich plasma therapy.
It has been more than 1 year now since his last treatment and has been maintaining his active
lifestyle without pain.

John:My knee had been sore for a while.  But when it started affecting my level of activity, I
sought medical advice.  An orthopedic surgeon told me that I was “not quite” ready for a knee
replacement.  The problem was my knee was still sore.  I sought another opinion in Dr Tony
Bianco.  Dr Bianco agreed with the surgeon but suggested an alternative therapy to relieve my
discomfort and restore my activities.  He suggested prolotherapy/PRP.  After I completed the
therapy, I felt relief within days.  A week later, I was 90% pain free and resuming my normal
daily activities including running, weight training and cycling. 

At every step in the process, Dr. Bianco explained everything.  Since I am somewhat of an
information “geek”, I had done a lot of on-line research about the therapy.  Dr. Bianco is as
patient as he is talented.  My confidence in him was well placed and I could not be more
satisfied with the result.  I will likely still need that knee replacement but for now – I’m good!

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