Casey reports: Maralah is a delightful 68-year-old woman who came to us with complaints of trigger finger of her left index finger and arthritic pain to the base of both thumbs. She had a decreased range of motion in her fingers causing her to struggle with basic daily tasks. We applied non- invasive acoustic wave joint treatments and were able to resolve the trigger finger and improve range of motion in general. The arthritic pain eased and she reported pain had dropped from an “8” down to a “4” out of 10.

Maralah says: “After 4 treatments: "Prior to my first acoustic wave therapy treatment, my trigger fingers bent and had to be straightened by using my opposite hand, and the pain was extremely intense (so intense that it took away my breath). But a week after the fourth treatment, the soreness and pain began to subside. Two weeks after the fourth treatment, much of the pain had subsided. The left thumb is easier to straighten and with not as much pain. 

After a 3 week break and 3 additional treatments: "Nine days have passed since the third treatment of this second series. The right thumb is somewhat sore but seldom catching. The left index finger is slightly sore but has not been catching. Thank you so much."