Author: Dr. Gary Huber

How do we compare with national programs? We dominate with impressive numbers and lasting results.

Consumer Reports (Feb 2013) polled 9000 people who had engaged in one of the diets listed below. The first column shows the total weight loss over the number of months listed in the 2nd column. The third column shows average weight loss per month. The Huber Personalized Medical Weight Loss Program was light years ahead of anyone else’s progress. A personalized assessment by an integrative physician to determine your individual physiology is the key.

Our program addresses all aspects of human physiology and provides tools for mind, body and spirit. We explore far beyond diet and exercise to understand why YOU can't lose weight. Individual assessment of stress, sleep, cortisol, thyroid performance (real tests beyond simple TSH), hormones, blood sugar control, food allergies, and general inflammation. These are the real reasons that you crave and make bad choices. It's not about will power. Its about correcting the errors in your metabolism and providing usable information and motivating your mind to select a better path. 






DIET                           TOTAL         # of Months     Average weight loss                    

                                 Wt loss           on the diet           per month   

Jenny Craig                   22.25           9 mo                  2.47/mo                                

Medifast                        29.25           6 mo                  4.87/mo                    

Nutrisystem                   17.75           5 mo                  3.55/mo

Weight Watchers            21.25           9 mo                  2.36/mo                                

Atkins Diet                     19.5            7 mo                  2.78/mo

Slim Fast                        15.5            6 mo                  2.58/mo                    

South Beach Diet            17.25           5 mo                  3.45/mo                                

Glycemic Index Diet        19.25          9 mo                  2.13/mo                                


Huber Medical         24.95              2 mo                  12.47/mo

Huber Medical         35.01              3 mo                  11.67/mo

Huber Medical         43.47              5 mo                  8.69/mo

Huber Medical         63.9                7 mo                  9.14/mo


The Huber Personalized Medical Weight Loss program is 3 to 4 TIMES more efficient at weight loss than any other diet available anywhere.

Professional grade for professional results that last.  Arent you worth it?  Isnt it time you dedicated yourslef to a life worth living. We are committed to returning you to your Ideal Health?  We make promises because we beleive in you and we beleive in our team. Nothing stands in our way as we pursue the answers that deliver you the results you seek. When you decide you are ready, we are ready and waiting. No gimicks, just a return to good health and a great result. 

Dr. Gary Huber and Crew