Author: Chelsea Dorsett   

I was asked the other day, “Do you have any regrets?”  And without hesitation, I answered “No.” I made every decision in my past based off of the information I had at that time.  Living my life with regret and wishing I did something different is a waste of time. The past is gone. It’s done. Over. I often find my patients are in one of two places; living in the past and feeling regret or living in the future, fear of what’s coming, and filled with anxiety. Living anywhere but the present moment will undoubtedly suck the happiness right out of you. Think of a moment or place where you are truly happy. For me, it’s playing with my daughter. I am focused on absolutely nothing but being with her in that moment. Notice when you are fully present in the present moment you feel JOY and happiness. Notice when your brain wanders to the past; how do you feel? Similarly, notice when your brain is worried about something that MIGHT happen in the future; how do you feel? Worried? Anxious? What’s the point? You have the power and choice to retrain your brain. When you find your thoughts anywhere but here re-engage in the present moment. I help patients every day find happiness in their life. Some would say happiness is a choice and not an emotion. Start the journey by being here now. 

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