Oh, the holidays…Oh what fun! For most Americans, we are victim to gaining the classic 10 pounds from Halloween to New Years. We often find ourselves buried in excuses, “Christmas is a time to eat food! I am too busy to eat healthy. I need food to calm my stress over the holidays. I can’t live without holiday cookies!” All of these excuses are valid. If you believe them and feel that they represent the truth then you are right, they are true, for you. Whether they are true for other people is of no relevance as you can only live your life and no one else can. That is and will always be 100% true. I live my professional life hoping to guide those seeking change to a better way and a much richer life.  For those that want it, being healthy is a blast, a giant rush of fun and a “high” better than any donut or French fry could ever hope to provide. So, for that 1% that is willing to swim against the current and willing to challenge themselves to see what is possible then this post is for you. Here is my message, “it is never too late”. There is NEVER a point in your life where you need to declare, “I’m too far gone, too fat, too old, too anything”. If you are drawing breath and have desire to explore what’s possible then you and I will dance together with smiles on our face.

You don't know what next week holds for you. It might be a heart attack but what if you changed your path today? Would it be enough to avoid that heart attack? You will never know unless you take the steps. This is the very reason that Chelsea, Dr. Bianco and I exist. We exist as a team of people committed to always forgiving, always guiding and always cheering for the underdog that wants to take a whack at Goliath. If you are tired of being tired and want to kick some butt then let’s saddle up and get moving. Next week holds instore for you the results of decisions made today. What are you waiting for? 

If you are interested in changing your health course, give our dietitian, Chelsea, a call now. We have a 14 week weight loss program that goes far beyone just offering a "meal plan." Call our office for your complimentary consultation.