Congrats, Dr. Huber!

Nice work being named one of the “Best in medicine” by the American Health Council.
Dr. Gary Huber named “Best In Medicine” and given a leadership award for his work in
education and promotion of integrative medical technology through his international
lecture series. Dr. Huber mentors physicians
across the U.S. in the pursuit of an integrative medical vision.

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It’s Game Time!!

Hello to all. I just wanted to offer a note of support as we head into the holiday season. We have all heard stories about crazy weight gain over the Holidays as we partake of some of our favorite treats. It has been reported that American’s gain an average of 10 pounds over the Christmas holiday season. This is HIGHLY speculative and other reports have found that the actual gain is only 1 pound. At the end of the day it doesn't matter. Your life, your weight, your energy, your brain function is defined by your BELIEFS. The holidays theoretically have everything to do with faith, religion, Jesus, family, joy, celebration, and gratitude for what we have and the success we have enjoyed through the year. But somehow the commercialization of Christmas has led to Christmas carols being played weeks before Thanksgiving, Black Friday, high definition TV sales, catalogs plugging up your mail box and “f