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Week 5 of 26 – Perfection is not the goal


We all know that taking care of one’s health and wellness is a journey, and there are no awards for driving yourself crazy trying to be perfect 100% of the time. But sometimes a reminder is in order.


For the last 30+ days, I have strived for perfection. I have religiously kept my journal up-to-date, I’ve measured my water intake, I’ve never missed taking a supplement and I’ve proudly waved the “I’m in the zone” flag.


But something interesting happened to my mindset that threw me off course.


Remember in my last post, I mentioned that Dr. Huber ordered additional blood tests to get more info on why certain results we were working toward weren’t happening. Well, as it turns out, we got a very clear answer. My thyroid had apparently decided that working optimally was overrated and decided to go on a hiatus. My numbers had changed pretty dramatically just since my last panel in July and not in a good way.


A thyroid that doesn’t do its job leads to lots