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BOLD CHALLENGE! How would like to eat all of your favorite holiday treats and arrive on January 1st weighting less than you do now? Sounds impossible? No it’s entirely probable but it does require a positive attitude and a discipled approach. Before I tell you how to do this you have to search your soul and decide if you REALLY want to do this? Is this importantly enough to you and your health that you are willing to hold yourself accountable? Or is this just a blind, “heck yeah, as long as I don’t have to change anything or exert myself” response?


This is my “Rockin’ Holiday Plan”. I started this years ago with a group of friends with amazing results. Here’s the basic jist. The holidays bring two kinds of taste temptations. The really great high-end stuff that is truly a treat. And then there is the not so fancy, cheap garbage that lies around and we eat it anyway. Most of us blindly shovel bad cookies, cheap sugary caramel coated popcorn and dry cake into our pie hole simply because it is sitting there. At our office, in the checkout line and in our homes. So what if we gave ours