Not-So-Basic Practice Services 

Our practice services are thorough, comprehensive and multi-faceted for helping you reach your ideal health.

Your Lifestyle

  • Longevity Platform
  • Energy (adrenal) and sleep issues 
  • Nutritional programs for allergy, weight loss, autoimmune and more
  • Detoxification and heavy metal removal 
  • Treatment for erectile dysfunction 
  • Sports acceleration 

Your Body

  • Ozone & IV Therapy
  • Prolozone joint injection
  • Weight Loss – medically guided 
  • Bioidentical hormone balancing 
  • Heart disease, diabetes & hypertension reversal
  • Allergy – food and environmental allergy treatment 
  • Thyroid – proactive and thorough treatment 
  • Lyme and Mold biotoxin illness 
  • Peptide Therapy
  • Longevity – meaningful extension of life itself
  • Prolotherapy reduces joint/muscle pain
  • Integrative Cancer therapeutics
  • Medical Marijuana

Your Business

  • Revolutionary Employee Wellness Programs that have changed the shape and culture of business
  • Unprecedented shift in biometrics company-wide

Virtuoso Wellness Program

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Community & Corporate Health

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Hormone Replacement & Sexual Health