Author: Dr. Gary Huber



The Voice in Our head

If we talked to our friends the way we often talk to ourselves we wouldn't have any friends. Self-talk can be a hand grenade or a cashmere blanket. And sometimes the internal chatter can be overwhelming.

We all own some negative ideas and beliefs about ourselves that were constructed years ago through past experiences mixed with comments handed to us by those in our lives. These self-deprecating beliefs are not true or accurate. They themselves are not real or cast in stone. But our CHOICE to hang on to them, replay them and make decisions in our life based on them is what cripples most people. It is the rare individual who takes the time and effort to hunt these falsehoods down, bag them up and cast them into the abyss. You have seen these folks and you often yearn to be like them. To own your life and not play victim to internal negative dialog. That can happen now, today, right this second if you choose to.

Being critical of ourselves serves a purpose but like anything in life it can be taken too far. It is important and valuable to look in the mirror and hold yourself accountable. In fact, self-critique, comparing yourself to a prior version of you or a future desired version of you is the ONLY healthy comparison you should ever make. Do not compare yourself to others as this only leads to unhealthy thoughts of superiority or harmful thoughts of inadequacy.

Negative self-talk, berating yourself, repeating bullshit ideology that you aren’t good enough, or replaying an old mindset of your limitations is garbage thinking and has no place in your life. Cast it out with strong prejudice right now and never again visit that place. But holding yourself accountable, challenging yourself with a higher standard, seeking to improve on your already perfect self is the path to a richer more rewarding existence. To not grow and develop would be a criminal waste of talent and potential. You can be more than you are today and you have higher heights waiting to be celebrated so don't get too comfortable just yet. Now is not the time to rest. Now is the time ask yourself deep questions, purge toxic mindsets and remove all limits in your life so that your growth can inspire and fuel a better humanity. Yes, a better world. When you get better the world is a better place.

So, take today and this weekend and spend time pondering what aspect of your life do you want to enrich? Challenge yourself with an uncomfortable task. Comfort is overrated. Discomfort, pressure and yes at times straight up pain is awesome as it inspires growth and a new direction. Not sure where to start? Then dig in with physical discomfort. Push yourself to go outside tomorrow as soon as you awaken when it is a crisp 34 degrees and take a walk or slow jog wearing shorts and a T-shirt. Embrace the cold. Let it wake your sleepy brain up and thank the good Lord for the opportunity to be alive. Walk in that cold and think of everything you are grateful for. Now ask yourself, “How can I get better?” Life is a limited time offer and each day counts. Act like it. Be something different. Grow, evolve, develop and inspire.

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