A common misconception is that erectile dysfunction (E.D.) is caused by or can be fixed with testosterone alone. Unfortunately, this is often not the case. We have treated numerous men who have excellent testosterone levels but still have E.D.  Why is that? Good erectile performance is critically dependent on three elements: vascular health, neurologic function and testosterone level. So what habits and conditions cause these systems to sputter? 

Years of eating a diet rich in carbohydrates and sugar causes the smooth inner layer of the blood vessels to become irregular and thereby more amenable to plaque formation. There are hundreds of small blood vessels that feed blood into the penis to make it engorged with blood (hard). Slow gradual damage to these vessels over time due to poor diet, high blood pressure, weight gain and elevated blood sugar is what leads most guys to poor erectile function.  Add to this a history of poor sleep, stress, and high cortisol contributing to nervous system dysfunction and you have the perfect recipe for E.D.  Our goal is to restore sexual performance and your overall health. We have the tools to unravel the damage and restore each component of your health. 

Our Acoustic Wave therapy program is a non-invasive, well-rounded approach of using the acoustic wave device to stimulate new blood vessel growth and nerve sensitivity in addition to evaluating diet, vascular health, and well-being so that these treatments provide longevity of success.  We will assess your blood sugar management, inflammation, and testosterone level. We also include a complimentary dietary consult with our experienced staff dietician Chelsea as well as an appointment with Dr. Huber to ensure all of these bases are covered. This is why no one else can claim the results that we consistently achieve. We are comprehensive and have more experience than anyone in the tri-state area. In fact, we are a nationally recognized center for this type of treatment as Dr. Huber lectures nationally and internationally on men’s health topics and hold specialized training in integrative medicine. 

We love what we do and are looking forward to answering your person questions to optimize not only your erectile function but your complete and vital health.  Call us with any questions. We have solutions!  513-924-5300