As the hyperbaric chamber begins to pressurize you will feel a sensation similar to what you feel on take-off in a jet plane. The pressure in your ears will change and you will need to be able to equalize the pressure in your ears.  You will experience “popping” in your ears. This is normal. You can assist the equalization process by yarning, chewing, swallowing, working your jaw side to side.  This same process will occur at the end of your treatment as the chamber depressurizes. You may wish to use chewing gum in this effort.

The chamber is airconditioned so you should be comfortable, but the recommendation is to dress lightly in comfortable clothing. 

Bring anything you like for entertainment during the 1 hour treatment. Laptop, iPad, iPhone, a book or reading material are all good options. 

The chamber does make some low-level noise and if you plan to sleep or meditate during your treatment then you might find noise cancelling headphones helpful. 

No food or drink allowed inside the chamber. 

See the video below for a view inside the chamber.