Are you looking for something more substantial than the traditional drug based medical treatment? Allow me to introduce you to Dr. Tony Bianco, a board-certified family practice physician who holds a very broad and comprehensive view of what it means to be truly healthy. Loving the field of medicine but disappointed with the limited reach of our traditional healing arts, Dr. Bianco did fellowship training in integrative medicine. He also completed training in joint restoration and regenerative therapies to reduce joint pain and enhance function. His osteopathic roots led him to study in great detail how we move our bodies to better understand where our common dysfunctions stem from. Beyond this he has taken course work in ozone therapies, hormones, stem cells, and many topics that contribute to his broad understanding of human physiology. 

Dr. Bianco’s impressive academic status alone is not what makes him so special. Dr. Bianco is keenly interested in building a community of people within his hometown that resonate true vibrant living. From the ground up his passion lies in treating the whole person from the way they sleep, to their diet, their movement and exercise, and building a path towards longevity that is free of the common health maladies we see today. 

Starting in 2023, Dr. Bianco is launching his Holistic Primary Care opportunity where he seeks to engage individuals or whole families seeking a better health option. The idea is to educate and provide clear guidance on how to live a healthy lifestyle so that disease and degeneration have a very limited chance of ever entering your life. Offering tools and natural solutions that restore health greatly reduces the odds of you ever needing drug therapy. But it is nice to know that Dr. Bianco’s skill set includes all of the traditional modalities if needed. 

His model includes a full one hour meeting each year to assess your current health status and formulate a personalized plan for the year. This is followed by appointment’s twice per year to engage osteopathic assessment and correction of any musculoskeletal issues. During the year if an emergent issue should arise such as strep throat, acute infection, or other minor emergency, Dr. Bianco will be on standby to assist you with a rapid solution. 

Throughout the year Dr. Bianco is hosting education, articles, and videos on HippEvo to offer continued guidance. Current issues and hot topics in medicine will be viewed through the eyes of a well-rounded integrative physician to help you make the decisions that are right for you. The overarching goal is to create an environment that allows to your rest easy and feel secure that you have a strong voice in your own health care under the watchful eyes of an educated practitioner with a passion for the healing arts. 

If this is of interest to you then explore Dr. Bianco’s teaching on this website and call the office to arrange a meeting with Dr. Bianco to begin your personalized health journey.