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Juice Your Workforce in 6 Months 

(Limit Absenteeism, Diffuse Presenteeism, Increase Productivity, Reduce Health Care Costs) 

Community & Corporate Health Program

  • Complete Professional Health Assessment 
  • Weekly Dietary Coaching 
  • Recipes and Lifestyle Guidance  
  • Nutrition Supplement Support 
  • Exercise Program  
  • Ongoing Support & Feedback as we monitor progress 
  • See what program participants have to say.

Program Results

We bring together an amazing mix of traditional and integrative medicine experience coupled with a contemporary approach to deliver outcomes above and beyond old stale paradigms. We don't just think and deliver outside the box results, we live there. 

We are better because we have... 

  • Better understanding of health and the decisions that drive it 
  • Better protocol – an integrative mindset that changes thought. Thoughts drive actions. 
  • Better education – our process is fun, enjoyable, and rewarding for clients 
  • Better outcomes – we always over-deliver. We blow standards out of the water 
  • Better future – as we help you stay on track indefinitely

At every stage, Huber Personalized Medicine is a better choice for superior results. Review these examples: