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We Will Give You Every Tool to Become the Master of Your Mind and Body. 

The Virtuoso/Wellness Program

Accelerated Start - 14 weeks

  • Health assessment & biometric measures   
  • Creation of your personalized program - setting targets.
  • Mind-Body Mission Workshop – setting your mind for success  
  • Grocery store tour – looking at food for the first time  
  • Cookbook, Recipes & Meal planning. 
  • Weekly meeting & accountability either live or via Zoom
        with registered dietitian and health coach Chelsea Dorsett 
  • Weekly challenges to teach through experiences. 
  • Materials: book, health passport, journal and more 
  • B12 injections available if desired
  • If Ketosis program desired then guaranteed ketones by week 3


  • Ongoing education, accountability and progress
  • Supportive community to promote your new lifestyle choices


  • Cooking demonstrations 
  • B-12 injections 
  • Education classes 
  • Access to online articles and videos