Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Brief discussion of the benefits and uses of Hemp Oil (CBD Oil) and how it functions in our natural physiology.

Dr. Huber posted a video on 5/30/18 discussing many aspects of CBD Oil. This is a short review of pertinent points made that day.  Go to Facebook, Huber Personalized Medicine, to view the 30 minute video for more detail on CBD Oil. 

CBD oil comes from the stalk and seeds of the hemp plant which is much different than what we commonly refer to as a marijuana plant. They are in the same plant genus but very different plants. The THC psychoactive compound found in marijuana is typically greater than 18% whereas the THC content of hemp is practically non-existent at 0.3%.  CBD oil is legal in all 50 states and will not trigger a positive drug test when used at normal doses.

Why use CBD or Hemp oil?

The human body makes its own version of CBD or cannabinoid compounds that work to balance your stress response. We have cannabinoid receptors in our brain and immune system predominantly but they also occur in many other tissues such as the heart, lungs and bone. A plant based cannabinoid such as CBD has many beneficial effects on the brain and immune system. CBD is prescribed for use in patients needing support in the following areas:

  • Anxiety & Depression, as well as general mood swings.
  • Stress management and support of adrenal function
  • Cognition and mental focus
  • Recovery from brain trauma
  • Migraine and other headaches
  • Seizure control and reduced occurrence
  • Pain relief from many different types of pain including muscle and joint pain.
  • Gut motility, and nausea & vomiting
  • Bone formation and healing
  • Skin conditions of all types: acne, melanoma, rashes, skin repair


Forms Of CBD

CBD is the abbreviation for Cannabidiol which is only ONE specific endocannabinoid from hemp.  There are 13 different cannabinoids made by the human body and more than 100 found in plants. Other plants such as cruciferous vegetables, clove, black pepper and rosemary provide other forms of phyto-cannabinoids that also provide benefit.

These oils can be taken as a capsule such as Thorne Research’s “Hemp Oil+” or as a liquid drop you place under the tongue. They are typically dosed between 5 to 20 mg but best use is in conjunction with a professional trained in their application. They can be used safely on children for solving sleep issues, anxiety, irritability, uncontrolled seizures or even the unstable temperament that troubles some kids with autism or ADD.

We at Huber Personalized Medicine have ample experience in all of these uses and can best guide you with the proper use and dose to effect change. If I have peaked your interest than call today for an appointment with me or my Integrative Health associate Chelsea Caito and let’s move you closer to enjoying your ideal health.

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