Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Are your loved ones and family members conspiring to kill you? No, of course not but ignoring your need for change or not being supportive of your dietary needs is no less egregious than forcing you down a path you don't want to be on. It may be time for a serious sit-down discussion with those that

Last week the whole family went on a hunting expedition at Costco. We do this about twice a year. The kids go crazy jamming all kinds of fun treasures into the cart and we suspend “the rules” for a couple of hours as we explore “what is”. If you have ever been to Costco then you know the gigantic abundance of wonderful finds such as all types of electronics, garden joys, an array of organic foods, inexpensive workout gear and much MUCH more. As you near the cash registers there are a couple of aisles that hold some sinful treats that are best avoided. Somehow my wife crept down that aisle as my back was turned. I’m certain I was distracted by something organic. I landed home to find a container of chocolate covered macadamia nuts on my kitchen counter. Pretty sure there was caramel in there as well. Well that just isn’t playing fair. Nuts, caramel and chocolate all in ONE delectable bite? Is that legal?

Gremlins in the closet. Just knowing that they were in the house played serious games with my head. Now, I pride myself on making good decisions in my lifestyle, my exercise habits and especially my food choices. I eat Keto 95% of the time and easily turn my nose up at French fries and Doritos. BUT . . . DANG those nut clusters. They got under my skin and I was powerless. I felt like a stupid junkie! You can hear the conversation in my head:

“Oh come on, one little nut cluster after that hard workout isn’t such a sin. Well, Huber you've soiled your diet for today so jump in for a second helping. They are a SPECIAL treat, you only see them twice per year so go for it, live a little. You know if YOU don't eat them your college boy will inhale them like a vacuum cleaner so you better get it while you can. Tomorrow is a new day, don’t fret. Welcome to tomorrow. Wouldn't a nut cluster be awesome in the morning to start your day? Tired at the end of the day? You were stellar all day so get in there get another cluster you awesome dude. Is my wife watching? Has anyone noticed how many of these things I have inhaled? Don’t judge me!!”

I am happy to announce that those little sweet nut clusters are no longer in my home. I ate them all. Am I embarrassed? Yes. But I am using YOU to keep me accountable. So there, I owned it, shared it (verbally, not physically – no clusters for you) and I look back with a sense of appreciation for those that struggle every day with that same temptation. I don't have to worry about those dang clusters entering my home for another 6 months. But what if I lived with someone who didn't share my ideals? What if my wife didn't enjoy eating the same diet as I. What if she was a bread-a-holic and hated vegetables? Holy crap!! That would be near impossible. If she was dragging those dang nut clusters in the house every week we would need to have a serious discussion. I want to share this thought because I know there are those of you living this very truth. It’s not fair and it’s not healthy but it is also NOT OK to just live with it. If my wife brought those dang snacks home every week I would seriously think that she was trying to kill me. It IS THAT SERIOUS. An occasional treat is one thing but if you struggle with a Grand Canyon divide between your diet needs and a spouse who isn’t on board then this needs a true intervention. I am writing this blog for YOU because I want you to know that YOU are not crazy or demanding and that you do have grounds for a serious discussion.

Food KILLS and food SAVES depending on your food choices. Food is no less lethal than a colt 45 revolver. Ever watch “My 600 pound life”? If not then please don’t start as it is rather disturbing. This is a TV show (I hate it) where people weighing over 600 pounds are fed food by “loved ones” because they are too big to get out of bed or take care of themselves. These “loved ones” are co-conspirators in a plot to kill their family member.

Look, your life is a gift and every day is a pleasure, a treasure to behold and savor. So how can we justify going through it giving up basic human rights? You deserve to eat real, organic, wholesome, nourishing food that God intended for your body. Yes, we all love an occasional treat but to be held hostage by your 5 year old who cries for Goldfish crackers and Pop-Tarts or teenagers demanding junk food or a spouse that says they NEED high carb trashy food and that you must just find a way to be OK with it is not OK!!! Oh, and by the way . . . YOU get to fix my trashy food FOR ME. Really? No dear, that isn’t spit on top of your pizza that's just special cheese.

I love everyone I meet and have room in my heart to accommodate anyone’s short term needs. BUT . . . as you can tell I have seen too many folks struggle with health due to family that wasn't supportive. That just isn’t OK. These are the people that “love” you. It deserves a conversation and you deserve a chance to change the culture within your own home. I know it may be tough but use this post as evidence that you need to have a voice and that you are not the crazy element in this dynamic.

By the way I don't think my wife is trying to kill me. In fact, if she hadn’t met me when she did I am quite certain I would have accidently offed myself via stupidity by now. Thank you honey for making me a better version of myself. Now pass me the nut clusters and don’t judge me.