Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Life doesn't move in a a straight line. Everyone slips from time to time from their stated intension. That doesn't = "failure". It represents reality. But persistence and support with accountability, now thats the recipe for success.

It is day 17 of our Holiday Challenge. How is your score board looking thus far? Personally, I had a slip this Thanksgiving weekend. Started well on Thanksgiving day with a great workout with my son and stayed true to plan only having half a piece of pecan pie and half a piece of carrot cake.

Friday, I went for a nice bike ride so I got my workout in but by afternoon a virus started and knocked me down a bit. I took a “Viracid” pack and some vitamin D & C and felt amazingly different within 24 hours. With my resolve weakened somewhat I fell off my Keto plan for a couple of days but I am back today and feeling good.

I did manage to get a solid workout in on Sunday with friends. I have a group of friends that have been gathering for more than a decade every Sunday through the winter months to do a group workout and it is wonderful. We motivate each other and create a wonderful energy that amps up everyone’s personal effort. Afterward we all have protein shake and get caught up with everyone life. I don't know what I would do all winter long without this wonderful group to keep me motivated and on track. Maybe you would want to consider doing this with your friends. We set up a number of workout stations and use a “Gym Boss” timer that beeps when it is time to change stations. Everyone, regardless of age, size or sex can adjust their individual effort at each station to suit their needs. Given that this group is not 25 years old we also account for individual joint limitations, etc.


So off we go into the third week of our challenge. Count your blessings thus far. What have you learned about yourself? Are you still tracking your measurements such as heart rate, belly fat, weight or sleep hours? These numbers serve to motivate you and keep you moving forward.

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