Author: Dr. Gary Huber

Healthy food is dynamic, exciting and delicious. It's a party in your mouth. If you don't believe this then you must be eating boring stuff. Why eat boring when there is great stuff to be had?

If you are bored with your "healthy" foods and looking for crap this means that your current healthy food choices are crap. Break out of your steamed veggie with plain chicken rut explore fun, flavorful, party in your mouth options. Chelsea can offer a full array of ideas. I made this zucchini bread and its low carb, full fat Keto amazing. The sausage and Skyline chili mix is a high protein, good fat combo with very few carbs and tons of kick. If you have never had a “good” fat bomb then again you are just missing out or more accurately your poor tongue is missing the party.

If you feel trapped and struggle to stay with good foods if often simply means you don't have a good selections of healthy options. I LOVE my diet, its loaded with flavor and texture and is fully satisfying so your challenge today is to find a recipe that smacks you up side the head with delight.

Like sausage? Then try my Skyline delight: simply stir fry some sausage of any kind in a skillet with coconut oil or butter. Then pour a can of Skyline chili over it and blend in cumin, hot pepper, and a small touch of Allspice. Heat and eat . . . if you can stop smiling.

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